2013 Runstreak


I decided to sign up for the Runner’s World Run Streak just before participating in the 5 mile Austin turkey trot.  

November was apparently my 2013 delusions of grandeur month.

It seemed totally attainable, if a little ambitious, at the time. After all, I could technically complete the challenge even if I only completed a mile each day. I could certainly run a mile every day between Thanksgiving and January 1st. Ten minutes of exercise. I could carve that out.

At the time, I thought my hardest day would be Black Friday, immediately following my 5 mile race, while staying with my sister in San Antonio. Or maybe Christmas Day. Possibly January 1st, if I over-celebrated on New Year’s Eve.

It turns out those were my easy days.

I did not anticipate running during an ice storm, slipping and sliding down the street, my lungs burning (my asthma does not do well in cold weather).

Nor did I expect to go 36 hours without sleep, after my best friend went into labor in the middle of the night, and I held vigil at the birth center.  I hazily remember that as a delirious, lightheaded run.

Unfortunately, I also came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection, which left me hacking and wheezing for 3 weeks (I still have my asthma cough, even though I’m no longer sick). Since I never ran a fever, I figured I was tough enough to run through it. So I did.

I ran, at least a mile, every single day beginning with my 5 mile road race on Thanskgiving, and ending today, January 1st, with a 4 mile run. According to Runkeeper, I covered 88 miles.

In retrospect, I’m not sure it was a good thing. Intuitively, I feel like I would have recovered from my illness much faster if I wasn’t so worn down with the running on top of an always crazy holiday season. I was absolutely determined to finish the challenge, but often had to get up at 5am, or run after dark, to make it happen. Those days where I wearily ran a mile, tired and sick, probably would have been better spent recovering fully. My legs are exhausted, especially as I began my half marathon training plan (more on that in the next post) with over a week left of the Runstreak, a training plan that specifically instructs me not to run on “rest” days.

Granted, a mile certainly doesn’t tax me all that much these days, but still, I question the wisdom, physically, of pounding the pavement or treadmill every. single. day.

Plus, in the interest of full disclosure, I hoped that running every day would help me not gain any holiday weight. I still gained a few holiday pounds over the past week. Running, particularly the longer distances I have done lately, makes me absolutely ravenous. A major goal of my half marathon training is to figure out how to complete all this mileage without putting on the pounds.

All in all, though, I’m glad I did it, if for nothing else than to say I completed the challenge. It helped give me the confidence to sign up for the half marathon, knowing I had the dedication and discipline to train.

However, I can say with absolute certainty that tomorrow? I am not running.


15 responses to “2013 Runstreak

  1. welcome back, I’ve missed you…

  2. welcome back! I’ve missed you…

  3. SO EXCITED that you’re blogging again!!

  4. So glad to see you back blogging! Hoping the running continues to work for you. Trying to get myself in shape for a 10K!

  5. So glad to see you back blogging! Congrats in the 88 miles…I am thoroughly impressed!!

  6. SO glad you are back my friend! Happy NY to you and the Addington-Robinson Family!!!

  7. Congrats lady runner friend!!!! You are going to kill that half!

  8. Welcome back friend!

  9. Happy clapping to see a blog from you!! Awesome job on the running! Inspiring on a lot of levels for sure. Happy 2014

  10. YOU are an inspiration!!! Amazing. And as a major plus- YOU ARE BACK!! happy clap!

  11. You are AMAZING!! What an inspiration. And you are back!! Happy clap

  12. You ARE an inspiration! Hoping to get “back in to the saddle” of pace-walking (running scares me right now! LOL) as soon as it warms up (feels like -8* here in Long Island, NY today!)! Looking forward to the warmer weather to get here so I can put my newest little guy (7.5 weeks old!) in the stroller and just GO!

    And, I echo everyone else…….SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT YOU’RE BACK BLOGGING!!!!

  13. So great to see you blogging again! And way to go on the running!

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