Saturday Stats


Every Saturday, I plan on posting updates from the previous week’s training.

Last week’s miles: 27.1 (includes 5.87 miles on bike)

This week’s miles: 30.1 (includes 4 miles on bike)

Weight: 131.5     BMI: 19.4

Fitbit steps 1/4 – 1/10:  83, 103

Miles: For my training, I am using the Runkeeper Sub 2:30 Half Marathon plan.  I’ll be honest and admit there was no great research or discernment involved in this decision – I use Runkeeper already to track my outside runs, and it was free. There are many half marathon plans, and if I survive decide to run another half marathon at some point, I’ll use another one to compare.

Using the Sub 2:30 plan instead of the Beginner or Run/Walk version was pure hubris on my part. Everyone says the first half marathon, you just want to finish. Truly, just finishing it will make me proud. Finishing it in under 2:30 will make me feel like a badass.

Weight: Let me be clear about this point from the outset – I do not feel like I need to lose weight for beauty/appearance purposes. At 5’9″, and a size 4/6, I know I’m a healthy weight. I’m tracking my weight as part of my stats for a few reasons:

  • I want to track the impact of my running on my weight. This will be, by far, the greatest exercise commitment of my adult life to date. While it may seem like common sense that I will lose weight during half marathon training,  many runners actually gain weight during training of this kind because of the incredible appetite increase, combined with an overestimation of calorie expenditure.
  • If possible, I would like to drop to just below a 19 for my BMI – the research I have read suggests that maximum performance for distance runners hovers at the very low range of normal (so roughly between 18.5 and 19 BMI). Again, I’m not dieting to lose weight, as it were, rather I would like to get a bit leaner for best case scenario on April 6th.  I will be in that range with just a 4-5 pound loss. I’m not sure it’s going to happen (and I’m definitely not going to stress out about it), but I’m interested in tracking it.
  • Most importantly, I’m working on the nutrition component of my training with the same dedication and attention as my mileage. As a former competitive athlete, I know that successful performance has much to do with diet, and as an almost-40 athlete, I imagine it’s even more important. My Saturday updates will include my diet and its impact on my training.

Fitbit steps: One of my Christmas gifts was a Fitbit Force, and since this journey is about much more than just surviving 13.1 miles on April 6th, I’m focused on my general day to day health and fitness.  Most experts recommend 10,000 steps a day for overall health, so one of my goals is to hit that even on days with no workout or only a short run.

General notes: This week was tough to maintain my training, because it was the first week back at work after the holiday break. Work is particularly crazy this year (more so than any of the previous four years at my current school), and there just aren’t enough hours in a day. Unlike when I was doing the Runstreak and only had to get in a minimum of one mile, my training runs are getting longer and longer – even my “shorter” runs are up near an hour now, which makes it incredibly difficult to squeeze in before work (we leave the house at 7:10am, with 3 kids, ready for a long day).

I did not fully realize how much of a time commitment the half marathon training is (probably because if I really thought about how many miles I would have to run to be ready, I would decide not to do it!), and it’s all a little hectic and exhausting right now. Fortunately I “only” have to figure out 4 runs a week (although I’m still trying to be active and exercise the other 3); my schedule consists of runs on Saturdays and Sunday (with my one long run a week falling on one of those days – today it was 8 miles), a Tuesday night run (the one night a week the kids are always at their Dad’s house), and then getting in the other run either Wed, Thu or Fri, depending on that week’s schedule. This week I did it on Thursday night while my husband took dance duty with my daughter.

Speaking of my husband, I definitely would not be able to do this without his full support. Whether it was dance on Thursday night or this morning’s soccer game (so I could do my long run), he’s helping me juggle my training with 3 kids and a full time job. He’s my biggest cheerleader. Even if he does sometimes “cheer” a bit too hard.



2 responses to “Saturday Stats

  1. Great week of training Tracy, so happy to see you doing this 🙂 You’ll do great I’m sure…can’t wait till I”m following you for your training for your first full….it always happens….

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