Review: Foam Roller


I have several runner friends, and every once in a while I’d hear them talk about hitting the foam roller. I mostly ignored this because 1. I was not really a runner and 2. I had no interest in getting serious enough about running to need equipment.

But here I am. Running a half marathon. Begrudgingly reading about foam rollers. Go figure.

After running 8 miles last weekend, my longest “long” run to date, and subsequently hobbling around the house for the remainder of the weekend, I headed to the REI down the street and bought a foam roller.*

My daughter (who has taken a gratifying interest in my running) decided to help me test it out. We broke out the instruction manual, hit the floor, and tested the different positions.

Back? Check.  Hamstrings? Oof, but check. Calves? Feels kind of nice, check. Quads?


No, really. I rolled, and shrieked. Usually, I’m a “grit my teeth and growl” kind of girl. But I shrieked. Completely involuntary. Utterly painful.

Roll. SHRIEK.  Roll. SHRIEK.  And then I stopped rolling.

My daughter? Agreed to demonstrate the move. Show-off.

I have used the roller after my other 2 runs this week (4 and 4.5 miles) and while rolling my quads remains the most uncomfortable of the stretches, I can now do it quietly. Improvement.

I’m still not entirely convinced that the foam roller is necessary or even that beneficial, but I’ve only been using it for a few days, so I’ll reserve final judgement until I see how it gets me through the half marathon training.

** I was not compensated by GoFit in any way for this review, and I’m entirely sure the company has no idea of who I am. I just happened to grab this particular roller because the price was right and I was in REI.


3 responses to “Review: Foam Roller

  1. Try rolling you IT bands. Outsides of you upper legs. I dare you 😉

  2. Foam rollers are a form of torture. But it did work wonders on my IT Band. There is often shrieking when I am rolling and I swear I can hear my non -running husband’s eyes rolling at me from the other room 😉

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