Saturday Stats 1/18/14


Saturday stats for 1/11/14

Last week’s miles: 30.1 (includes 4 miles on the bike)

This week’s miles: 24

Weight: 131            BMI: 19.3

Fitbit steps: 1/11 – 1/17: 19, 436

Miles: My long run this week was a short(er) and eas(ier) 6 miles – my training plan has me backing off this week to gear up for next week’s long run of 10 miles (eek!). This weeks mileage is inflated because I moved my weekend runs up by a day – I completed Saturday’s run on Friday before school, and Sunday’s long run this morning. We’re going away for the week, and I’m not packing my running gear.

Diet: I’m still figuring out how to manage my run-ravenous appetite. I guess I did well this week since I lost 1/2 a pound, but it’s difficult for me to stick to my 3 meals a day without grazing (one of my keys to staying slim for the past 3 years). I am allowing myself some extra fuel before my run, but it’s very purposeful and deliberate – I’ll have a banana with some peanut butter, or a homemade protein ball.  Beyond that, I’m trying to stick to normal diet and portions – but I’m hungry. A lot.

I’m using my Fitbit app to track my water intake. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning (usually several cups) so when I’m at work, it takes a concerted effort to catch up on my ounces (I’m so busy teaching and running around, I don’t have time to drink water. Or pee.)  I’m drinking a minimum of 75oz a day.

I’m also working on only drinking alcohol one night a week – I’m not a heavy drinker by any means (usually 1-2 drinks when I do imbibe) but since marrying my husband, I’ve fallen into the habit of having a drink or two on the nights we don’t have kids (every other weekend and Tuesday nights).

General notes: I’m still figuring out how to balance the time required to complete my training plan, and my crazy busy life. It is hard running after work – teaching is exhausting, not to mention 3 kids who have soccer, swim team, dance, debate, choir, Girl Scouts, etc. It is hard running before work – I have to get up at 5am to fit in the run, shower, get ready, and get out the door by 7:10am to be at school for 7:45.  To teach all day.

It’s hard.

I haven’t missed a workout, but I’ve had to get creative with when I do them. Sometimes the long runs are Sundays, sometimes Saturdays (my plan calls for Sundays). I run every Tuesday, but the other run (scheduled for Thursday) might be Wednesday. Or Friday. Whenever I can fit it in.

I’m proud that I have faithfully completed every run dictated by my plan, but I wish I had more time. The planning involved in carving out 1.5-2 hours, 4x a week, to run is stressful. The scheduling is more stressful than the actual runs!


2 responses to “Saturday Stats 1/18/14

  1. I so get this post. Good for you for making the time happen for those runs. Have a great vacation!

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