Saturday stats 1/25/14 – Mexico, margaritas and not so many miles.


Last week’s miles: 24

This week’s miles: 9.4

Weight: 131.5           BMI: 19.4

Fitbit steps 1/18-1/24: 42, 343  (Fitbit not worn at all from 1/18-1/21)

Miles: This week is really low (*cringe*). It doesn’t have my Sunday miles, because I pushed my Sat-Sun weekend miles ahead by a day last week, to prepare for our mini-holiday in Mexico (so that was in last week’s miles). I missed my Tuesday run because we returned from 4 days away late Tuesday afternoon, and for a variety of reasons, I just couldn’t get myself into the gym Tues or Wed. So this week’s miles have just my Thu and Sat (today) runs.

On the positive side, I *did* successfully complete my training runs for both Thu and Sat, so I feel like I climbed back on the horse, and should hopefully move forward with the training.

Diet: I am amazed I checked in with only a 1/2 pound gain. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort from Sat evening through Tue morning, and I did not diet at all. Thanks to my very picky palate, I didn’t actually eat all that much (who knew that a Mexican resort would have such a dearth of Mexican food?!) but I did enjoy the open bar. I felt sluggish and bloated when I returned on Tuesday, but after three days of my usual, mostly-clean, healthy eating, I feel better this morning.

General notes: This week was not a great week for half marathon training, but I think the trade-off for my mental health was worth it. My husband and I scrimped, saved and used credit card reward points to travel to Cancun for the wedding of one of my dearest and oldest friends. She was a junior in my very first English class (circa 1997), and we had a lot of fun telling people at the wedding that I was her former teacher (the 7 year age difference between us is less noticeable at 32 and 39!). She has been waiting a long time for her Prince Charming, and has been such an amazing and wonderful friend to me, that I knew I had to find a way to be there for her on her big day.

We desperately needed the escape from some difficult events that have transpired lately on the homefront, so we set our emails on filter, informed people we were unavailable, and had a few heavenly days away from the stress and drama.

Unfortunately I came back with a nasty cough and asthma issues – I have been dealing with some respiratory/cold/bronchitis since just after Thanksgiving, never getting bad enough where I feel I need to seek medical attention, but nasty enough where I feel rotten. Hoping I can kick it soon so that the runs get easier.



We’re in Mexico!


First night – the beginning of the party.


I forget why I actually took this picture – I think I was sending it to someone.


That would be my husband, on the beach, in Mexico, translating Virgil with his Latin app and annotation pencil. He does this for fun. No I am not kidding.


The beautiful bride and handsome groom, saying their vows overlooking the ocean.


Reception on the beach. It was amazing.


Table card. Love.


The bride and her former English teacher.


Adios, Mexico. Hope I see you again sometime!


3 responses to “Saturday stats 1/25/14 – Mexico, margaritas and not so many miles.

  1. I usually take off a complete week of training during each cycle to go on vacation.I drink and eat my face off…. So no, it won’t hurt your training,at all. Like you said, it will benefit you more, the rest and mental relaxation. Sounds like fun.,

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