Saturday stats 2/8/14 – Monotony sets in


Last week’s miles: 30.5

This week’s miles: 20.25

Weight: 130.5       BMI: 19.3

Fitbit steps 2/1 – 2/7: 88, 058


  • Sunday: 5 miles in 59:04  average pace per mile 11:49 (treadmill, morning)
  • Tuesday: 3 miles in 34:55 average pace per mile 11:38 (treadmill, after work)
  • Wednesday: 6 miles in 1:08:30  average pace per mile 11:25 (treadmill, after work)
  • Saturday: 6.25 miles in 1:14:00 average pace per mile 11:50 (treadmill, morning)

Diet: Monday through Thursday is extremely easy for me. I tend to be a very routine eater, one of the reasons (I believe) I have been so successful in maintaining the weight I lost in 2010 for several years now. For breakfast every day, I either have  Trader Joe’s frozen steel cut oatmeal with some cinnamon, raisins and drizzle of organic natural maple syrup (it it’s a “B” day, when I have first block free), or a Fage yogurt with some fresh fruit and a little bit of granola (if it’s “A” day, when I teach at 8am).

I pack almost the same lunch every single day, with little variation. Fresh spinach, cut cherry tomatoes, a few kalamata olives, feta cheese, 2 tbs hummus, and a flatbread. If it’s a B day when I didn’t have yogurt for breakfast, I’ll add a yogurt; if it’s an A day, I’ll throw in some popcorn or clementines if I have them. Finally, I like to have something sweet to finish the meal, so I’ll usually include a (carefully measured) small serving of chocolate covered pretzels or almonds.

Predictable and boring, yes, but it’s kept me healthy and trim for years, so I stick with what I know. Dinner is varied, but I make an effort to eat some lean protein and minimize carbs. We usually do takeout on at least one school night, since it’s hard for me to cook after work and with the kid activities, but we choose healthier options including Zoe’s Kitchen, Jason’s Deli, and Chipotle (fried food is a VERY rare occurrence in our house).

Weekend dinners (Fri, Sat and Sun) are my struggle of the moment. If we don’t have kids, we like to eat out on Fri/Sat nights (aka higher calorie/fat meals, often with alcohol) but those are also the nights before long runs, when I feel my nutrition impacts me most. If we have kids, those are the nights I like to cook their favorite meals, which does not always meet the “lean protein/low fat” criteria.

I’m still figuring this out. Last night, we got pizza takeout after unexpectedly having the kids for the weekend at the last minute (their father had a family emergency necessitating he travel out of state), and I had no groceries or plan for cooking. The kids were thrilled at pizza for dinner, but I felt sluggish and flat this morning, running only 6 miles when I planned on doing my long run of 12 miles. (try, try again tomorrow morning).

General notes: I’m not going to lie: the training is wearing on me. Work is super busy and stressful, and it’s hard enough to get to the gym after a long day, and then my “shorter” runs are now 5-6 miles. It’s been cold and rainy in Texas and I hate running in the cold (I know, I know, wimp, but remember, I’m still new to this “lots of running” thing), so I’ve been hitting the treadmill, which is excruciating for runs longer than 3-4 miles. I was super proud of myself for getting out and doing 11 miles last weekend, but this morning, I just couldn’t make 12 miles happen. My legs were tired, I’m tired, I’m bored with running, I hate the treadmill, my husband is gone most of the weekend for a Latin conference and a family issue (which he planned thinking we were kid free), and I want to chill with my kids, not run for HOURS ALL THE TIME.

If I sound whiny, imagine how I am in person.

I’m hoping this is a normal part of training at this point in the schedule, or maybe it’s just the newness of these long (10, 11, 12, soon 13 and 14) mile runs that I’m not used to. It seems somewhat absurd to me that I’m supposed to do a half marathon length training run weekend after weekend – I wanted to do ONE EXCITING RACE of that length in April, not two months of working my weekends around hours of running.

Clearly I did not think this plan out.

I should have called this post “whining about running” instead of “monotony”.


4 responses to “Saturday stats 2/8/14 – Monotony sets in

  1. I. LOVE. YOU.

    Whine away, I do not know how you do it.

  2. XOXO. Whine all you want.

  3. I whine every single time I go out. This was not a good week
    to run in Dallas…um, so I didn’t. I have a serious love/mostly hate
    relationship with running. The anticipation of a long run is much
    worse for me than the actual run. I admire you for being dedicated enough to train on your own…I need an audience for my whining!

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