Saturday stats 2/15/14 – Better attitude


Last week’s miles:  20.25

This week’s miles: 25.66

Weight:  130      BMI: 19.2

Fitbit steps 2/8 – 2/14: 91,559


  • Sunday: 9.2 miles, average pace per mile – 11:36, outside afternoon run around White Rock Lake
  • Tuesday: 7 miles, average pace per mile – 11:18, treadmill run after work
  • Thursday: 4.46 miles, average pace per mile – 11:02, outside run after dinner around the neighborhood
  • Saturday: 5 miles, average pace per mile – 11:14, outside run around the neighborhood
  • Additional workout: Monday evening, did half of “Yoga for Runners” workout after work.

Diet: With the exception of last night (Valentine’s Day), my diet this week was pretty good. We did go out to dinner on Tuesday night (which is a rarity now, both for financial and health reasons), and I had a margarita and tacos, but since we had the kids two weekends in a row, we decided to splurge and do an evening out mid-week. Last night, I had a couple glasses of wine, homemade risotto (a favorite dish of my husband’s), and a slice of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cake. It was Valentine’s Day. It could have been worse.

General notes: After last week’s cranky training attitude, I decided to focus this week on having fun with my running, and less on stressing out about the miles. We had a tight schedule last weekend, and I had to squeeze in my long run during a birthday party that my daughter attended in Dallas near White Rock Lake (where part of my half marathon will be). Although my training plan called for 12 miles, I only had roughly an hour and 45 minutes to run, during the party. I decided to just run as much as I could during that time, and not worry about fitting in the entire 12 miles. The weather was finally warm enough to run comfortably outside (it’s been super cold in Dallas), and I just focused on enjoying the run. I ran just over 9 miles, but it felt good – something I needed far more than the 3 miles I missed.

Likewise, my Thursday run called for an easy (slow) 4 miles with a few intervals thrown in at the end. It was warm enough to run outside after dinner (although dark), and I gave myself permission to just run at whatever pace I felt like, and even stop before 4 miles if I was tired or cold. I clocked in at an 11:02 mile pace, feeling good, and I wasn’t even trying. I listened to some podcasts and a book on tape I’m working my way through, and found it very therapeutic.

This week was challenging for me emotionally, for a variety of reasons. Valentine’s Day has never been a favorite of mine (even as a teenager/young adult), and in 2010, it was the day that began the end of my marriage. I have been in a loving, healthy, wonderful relationship for the four Valentine’s Days since then, and I try to rally and get into the spirit, but I always feel a bit flat.  I’ve decided that’s okay; rather than pretend, or feel disappointed in myself, thus dishonoring the trauma I went through, I now acknowledge it’s a tough day for me, and strive to get through it with gratitude for my loved ones and my journey.

My husband is my biggest cheerleader. His Valentine to me: mantra bands.


Ice cream cake for the kids.



2 responses to “Saturday stats 2/15/14 – Better attitude

  1. Great week in training. I’m with you on the Valentine’s Day, glad you have such a great partner now. Hopefully in time, your perspective on that will change as well….maybe in time for marathon training 🙂

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