Saturday Stats 2/22/14 – Not enough hours in the day


Last week’s miles25.66

This week’s miles: 25.76

Weight: 130     BMI: 19.2

Fitbit steps 2/15 – 2/21: 81, 328


  • Sunday 6.02 miles, average pace per mile – 11:49. Outside run, supposed to be long run but upset stomach cut it short.
  • Monday 3 miles, average pace per mile – 9:47. Treadmill run, working on speedwork.
  • Tuesday 4.24 miles, average pace per mile – 11:21. Outside evening run after work.
  • Thursday 2.50 miles, average pace per mile – 12:24. Slow 5:30am pre-work treadmill run.
  • Saturday 10 miles, average pace per mile – 11:32. Outside long run.

Diet: I am still playing around with what works best for me before my long run days. I thought for sure that this morning wouldn’t be a great long run, since I fell short of proper hydration yesterday (crazy busy day at work, not much time to focus on water), and I went out for happy hour with work friends and had a cocktail (only one, but I’m still trying not to drink alcohol at all during the 24 hours before a big run) and we got Panera takeout for dinner. I ordered something* I thought would be a good choice pre-distance, given the options, but I still figured my nutrition was not optimal for a ten mile run.

I had the best ten mile run to date this morning.

Go figure.

*in the process of linking that item, I looked up the nutrition info. It was only 390 calories! (I ordered the small). I recommend that item, since it was very filling and felt much more decadent than 390 calories.

General notes: This week had the lowest number of steps (measured by Fitbit Force) since I went to Mexico and left my bracelet off for four days! While my overall miles came in okay because it included my long run today, I just wasn’t as active or running as long this past week. Part of that has been less activity at work (conferencing with my seniors all day about term papers means a lot of time in my chair), and part due to some really busy nights with kid activities, leaving no time for longer runs Mon – Fri.

The next few weeks contain my heaviest mileage before I head into taper (half marathon date: April 6th), but I just can’t always get all these miles done, especially 6-7 mile weekday runs. I’m not big on making excuses, but when my job requires me to leave my house (showered, dressed, professional) with three kids in tow by 7am, work “ends” (relative term for teachers with nightly grading and lesson planning) between 4-5pm, depending on the day, and then there is the plethora of three kid activities and dinner and homework and you get the idea – I’m squeezing in 3-4 mile runs on a disciplined day. I did get in the gym and do a treadmill run before work this past week – but could only do 45 minutes before hitting Dunkin Donuts for the oldest’s birthday breakfast and arriving at home by 6:20am to get ready.

I’m just not sure where the hours are in the day to do 60+ minute workouts on week days. It’s hard being a working a mom of three and trying to train for a half marathon! How do full time working moms of multiple kids train for a marathon?! (if anyone is reading this and can respond to that, feel free to leave a comment – maybe I’m just doing something wrong?!)

Rather than get down on myself about falling short of the plan miles, I’m determined to just do the best I can. Heck, it was just November that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to last 5 miles for the Austin Turkey Trot, and now 5 miles is an easy run! I’m doing the best I can, with a very busy life. I know I will finish the half marathon, and it will be an accomplishment no matter what my time. I’m working on letting go of my goal time (which by every single article I’ve read and person I’ve talked to, is a counterproductive attitude for the first time running a half), and focusing on the journey of the accomplishment.

*whispers: still, I’d like to break a 2:30*


6 responses to “Saturday Stats 2/22/14 – Not enough hours in the day

  1. Great job!!! You’re doing wonderfully!! 😉

  2. yes I think you are doing great!! don’t worry about those 60 min runs during the week. You are running every day and getting the long ones in on the weekend. Your body will know what to do. You are there!! And I know all about setting a goal time and then trying to let go of it.Not easy for us competitive people..Keep it up!

  3. Sounds like you’re really doing great! It’s amazing you can fit it in at all, with all that going on. I have no experience with marathons, but it sounds like you are considering all of the important points and doing the best you can. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. You are doing great. I never hit 100% of my training plans. Just do what you can and try to get the long (slow) runs in and you’ll be fine.

  5. Hey girl, heeeyyyy…

    OK, my 2 cents on working full time and training for a full marathon…

    In the beginning, I was testing out a plan that was similar to the one you are using…it called for “X” number of miles on any given day. At first, it was ok…but as the miles loomed larger, I started to panic, trying to calculate how I early I would need to get up in order to run *that* many miles, based upon my average pace…this was totally counter-productive for me.

    Then, one day, I stumbled upon the WalkJogRun app. It had training plans, but they were different. Rather than calling for a set number of *miles* during the week, it called for a specific increment of time. “Run 45 minutes”. Easy, peasy…I would just set my alarm to a time that would allow me to run for 45 minutes. The endurance runs, which were on the weekend, had a set amount of mileage…but those were easier to fit in.

    The longest time I ever had to run during the week was 60 minutes. Which, upping by 5 minute incrememnets over the course of the plan, was no big deal…and, bonus, at the start of the plan, I was running around a 10:00/mile…by the end, my average pavce had improved so dramatically, that running for 60 minutes? Woul;d net me better than 6 miles…closer to 7.

    No matter what you do, you’ve totally *got* this…and I only hope that, some day, we run one, together.

  6. Hey girl, heeeey…

    Ok, so, here is the wisdom that I can provide you re: working full time and training for a marathon…

    When I started out, the training plan I was using was similar to yours, in that it required a certain number of *miles* per day. Looking at it made me totally panic, as I would scramble to do the math, in my head, of what time I would need to get started in order to fit in a run of that distance. It was awful.

    Then I stumbled upon the WalkJogRun app and at training plans…instead of calling for a number of miles during the week, it said “run 45 minutes” on set days of the week. So I would get up at a time early enough to allow me to in for 45 minutes. The next week would say “50”…so I’d do that…an so on. The long runs were on a weekend day, and *did* specify a certain mileage.

    For me, having a time rather than a distance to aim for made all of the difference. And, by the time that I was up to 60 minutes (the most a weekday run ever called for) my average pace had dropped significantly enough that a 60 minute run would met me close to 7 miles in the morning…and hen I started, my average pace was well over 10:00/mile.

    No matter what you do, you’ve *got* this…and I have my fingers crossed that someday? We’ll run one together.

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