Saturday stats 3/15/14 – All the miles


Last week’s miles14.8

This week’s miles: 37.8

Weight: 130     BMI: 19.2

Fitbit steps 3/8 – 3/14: 104, 686


  • Sunday: 11.5 miles – average pace per mile, 11:35. Outside run on my new favorite route, Preston Ridge Trail.
  • Monday: 1 mile – average pace per mile, 10:59. Easy one mile to stretch the legs.
  • Tuesday: 5.01 miles – average pace per mile, 11:21
  • Wednesday: 5.19 miles – average pace per mile, 11:34
  • Thursday: 12.01 miles – average pace per mile, 12:01.
  • Saturday: 3.09 miles – average pace per mile, 9:41. 5k Dash Down Greenville.

Diet: I definitely did not eat my best this week, but I only gained 1/2 a pound (which is a testament to those almost 40 miles I logged!). I had a glass of wine or margarita most nights, and treated myself to a dessert every night. I may have stayed home, but it was still vacation! However, I drank a lot of water every day, and still ate healthy the  majority of the time while not counting calories, and eating that daily dessert (my weakness is my sweet tooth). To save money, we only ate out 2 meals, so I think that minimized the damage.

General notes: I wanted to get in the miles this week, and I did! My legs are exhausted, and my left hamstring is grumpy, but I feel like I covered a lot of ground this week with my training (literally and figuratively). I’m ready to begin the slow taper – 3 weeks from tomorrow is the half!

This morning, the husband and I ran the Dash Down Greenville 5k.  I’ll post a race report tomorrow.


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