Saturday stats 3/22/14 – two week countdown!


Last week’s miles: 37.8

This week’s miles: 18.3

Weight: 130      BMI: 19.2

Fitbit steps 3/15 – 3/21: 65, 792


  • Sunday: 4.53 miles, average pace per mile – 11:02. Run on treadmill due to very windy and cold conditions outside.
  • Monday: 4.11 miles, average pace per mile – 11:17. Post-work run around the neighborhood.
  • Thursday: 4 miles, average pace per mile – 11:14, Post-work run on treadmill.
  • Friday: .7 miles, walking my dog around the neighborhood. Not really part of my “training” but Runkeeper logged it!
  • Saturday: 5 miles, average pace per mile – 11:47. Slow and easy run in preparation for 10 mile long run tomorrow.

Diet: Since the half marathon is getting close, I’m starting to focus on my diet more closely.  We went out to dinner with our best friends last Saturday night, and I decided those would be my last margaritas (or any alcohol) before the race.  While I’m always a fairly “clean” and healthy eater, I’m trying to make sure these next two weeks are even better than usual – lots of protein, lots of water, healthy fats, with some whole grain carbs thrown in. I’m already contemplating my diet for the 48 hours before the race; as a former competitive swimmer, I know how to carbload, it’s just a matter of eating the best combination. Any runners reading this with half marathon experience, feel free to comment on your typical diet in the days before the race!

General notes: While my miles are starting to slowly taper with the race approaching, they are deceptively lower this week because the count does not include any long runs. I did last weekend’s long run on the previous Thursday to prepare for the 5k, and I had a morning appointment today necessitating a Sunday long run this week. Next week’s training plan should be around 23 miles, and then I drop much lower with the half marathon the following weekend.

I’m feeling pretty good and (relatively) confident. I know I will finish it, I’m just not sure how painful it will be!  I am going into the race with my longest run capping out at 12 miles (my training plan called for 14, but for a variety of reasons, I never got up to that). I’ve been told by many that if I can run 12, I can run 13.1, so I’m not too worried.

I’ve been consistently running 5-6 miles at the pace that I need to maintain to stay on track for my time goal (I know, I know, I am not supposed to have a time goal for my first half), and feeling good, so I’m telling myself that if I can run almost half the race on pace and feel strong and able to keep going, surely on race day, I can power through and do the entire race on pace.

It’s working for me. Don’t disillusion me.


3 responses to “Saturday stats 3/22/14 – two week countdown!

  1. I’ll be honest… before my first half marathon, I stopped drinking two weeks before and cleaned up my diet. Then with the second, I stopped drinking a week before. With the third? I had a beer and cheesecake the night before the race and it was my best run ever. I honestly think your body operates best with what you’ve been training with, which is not to say that you should go crazy food wise, but it is to say… don’t stress too much about food. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing and your body will fuel you all the way to 13.1.

  2. Hey, great work and trust me, if you are running your 5-6 miles at goal pace, you will be able to keep it up for the second half. I promise you, you will!! Before my half, I was running my goal pace during my maintenance 6 mile runs and did exactly what I wanted to at my half!! Believe it, it’ll work!! Just keep thinking positive!!

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