So I Ran A Half Marathon…What’s Next?


(my daughter, wearing my medal, with her rendition of my race)


Within 24 hours of completing my half marathon, my dear friend Nikki asked me if I would consider running the Wounded Warrior 10k in June with her.  She is new to running, and this will be her first 10k (not to mention mine, since I haven’t actually raced that distance yet).

I didn’t need much convincing. A 10k? Less than half a half marathon? How hard can it be?! (my confidence level is clearly on the upswing with that race under my belt).

I happily began researching 10k training programs, figuring out where I should jump in on the weekly progression, given that I already had more than the mileage under my belt.

That was the first week, post – half marathon.


I really was not planning on running another half until the fall. Maybe winter. Running outside in Texas during the summer months is a recipe for misery, as far as I’m concerned.

What I was planning on was a special celebratory trip in July for my 40th birthday. I am so. ready. to celebrate the next decade of my life.

My 20’s? 3 children and 2 graduate degrees. Productive, but … frantic.

My 30’s? My life completely fell apart. I have spent the past four years surviving, then healing (my children and myself), then rebuilding. With just over 2 months until the official end of my 30’s, I am stronger,  healthier and happier than ever.

That deserves something.

Unfortunately, our financial situation unexpectedly changed, as my kids’ father is no longer choosing to assist with their private school tuition. Suddenly, my husband and I found ourselves scrambling to figure out a way to pay 100% of their education costs (we’re still working on that).

A summer trip, however deserved, is no longer the priority.

So, I started looking into less expensive road trips. While I adore the beach, we already budgeted for a family road trip to the Florida coast towards the end of July when the kids return from their summer visitation with their Dad.

You know what’s not that far from Texas? COLORADO!

I’ve never been to Colorado, and it’s one of my husband’s favorite places. There’s tons of free, or nearly free, outdoor activities, and the weather will feel amazing after the hell hot of a Dallas summer.

Wait. It won’t be that hot.

And then I found myself perusing half marathon races for the weekend we’ll be there.

What has happened to me?!

On July 4th, I will be running the Colorado Springs Half on the 4th.  This past week, instead of jumping into a 10k training plan for early June, I jumped into a different half marathon training plan (mixing it up from my last plan).

I think it’s a pretty awesome way to ring in my next decade.


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