Saturday Stats 5/3/14


Last week’s miles: 20.3

This week’s miles: 23.1

Workout sessions:

  • Sunday: 5 miles, average pace per mile: 11:57. Easy morning run on treadmill.
  • Monday: after work Jillian Michaels workout.
  • Tuesday: 4 miles, average pace per mile: 11:01. Tempo run on treadmill, easy 1/2 mile warmup and cool down, 3 miles at below 11 min/mile pace.
  • Wednesday: 4.3 miles, average pace per mile: 11:23. Post-work outside run, windy, warm.
  • Thursday: after work Jillian Michaels workout.
  • Friday: 3.6 miles, average pace per mile: 12:52. Before work outside run, legs VERY sore and heavy after tough Jillian workout.
  • Saturday: 6.13 miles, average pace per mile: 11:33. Morning run outside.

General notes: I’m definitely feeling the training!

The incorporation of the strength training twice a week is tough, not just logistically (I never have a day “off”) but my legs are more sore and stiff than they were at any point during my first half training. I’m sticking with it and powering through, since I do believe the soreness means my muscles are on the road to bigger and better things (well, hopefully not actually bigger), but I found myself hobbling around school yesterday.

It was also a rough week for nutrition. This past week was teacher appreciation week, which means lots of treats for teachers. I’m a sucker for cupcakes. Last night, after a long week (it’s a very tough time of year to teach seniors), I threw caution to the wind and drank a few glasses of wine. And ate pizza.

I regretted it about 5 miles into what was supposed to be my 8 mile long run this morning. I did 6.

The great thing about training for my second half instead of my first half? Especially a half that I’m only looking to finish while on vacation? I’m totally not stressed about weeks like this. I know that I will be in a place, come July 4th, where I can run 13.1 miles, even if it’s slow and easy. I’m totally okay with that.

I still need to lay off the cupcakes and wine.


2 responses to “Saturday Stats 5/3/14

  1. Wow, great runs and oh man, I’m a sucker for cupcakes, too!!! I love pizza as well!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying some yummy foods! That’s what life is about!!

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