Saturday Stats 5/10/14 – Missing motivation


Last week’s miles23.1

This week’s miles: 18.9

Workout sessions:

  • Sunday: 4 miles, pace per mile – 11:37. Easy treadmill run.
  • Monday: off
  • Tuesday: off
  • Wednesday: 3.1 miles, pace per mile – 11:18.  Pre-work 5:15am  treadmill tempo run. 1/2 mile slow jog warm-up, 2 miles at sub 10 min/mile pace, 1/2 mile slow cool down jog.
  • Thursday: 4.25 miles, pace per mile – 10:55. Post-work treadmill speed workout. 1/2 mile slow jog warm-up, 10 x 400s at 9:45 min/mile pace with a .1 recovery very slow jog between each one.
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 7.51 miles, pace per mile – 11:54. Slow outdoor long run.

General notes:

I’m not feeling the running, lately.

I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but I know it’s mental more than anything. Part of it is simply due to my schedule; May is second only to September as the craziest work month of the year, and as a senior advisor this year, I have ALL THE ACTIVITIES. After five years at this school, I’m still surprised at how many more events private schools have as opposed to public schools, and the month leading up to graduation is filled with banquets, award ceremonies, parties, and other special events. My iPhone calendar is positively riddled with chicken pox dots.  Add in a good dash of burned out teacher end of the year energy drain, and I’m having a hard time feeling motivated to really push this half training.

Beyond finding the time to actually fit in runs, I’m just not feeling particularly motivated. I’m realizing that, despite my best intentions at scheduling another half marathon so soon after my first (to not lose the mileage base), I didn’t take into account my mental exhaustion. I’m not feeling excited for or dedicated to this training. I know I can easily complete the 10k in June (I can run 6 miles without too much trouble), and the July 4th 13.1 miles seems so far away.

In training terms, it’s not. But in my head, I’m just not feeling the urgency.

I gave myself a lot of leeway to miss some workouts this week without guilt. I skipped both my Jillian Michaels strength workouts, and took 3 days off from running (when I’m only supposed to have 1-2). Instead of feeling guilty, I’m proud of myself for getting in the runs that I did, given how unmotivated I feel.

But I need to get back on the training train, or July 4th will not be pretty.

Runners – what do you do when you’re mental motivation flags?


2 responses to “Saturday Stats 5/10/14 – Missing motivation

  1. Hmmm I left a comment but not sure if it took…have that problem sometimes so I’ll post it again. I hope it’s not a double

    I always have a race registered and that keeps me pretty motivated. Having said that…a lot of runs just suck…they just plain do. Some of them are terrific but a lot of the runs are hard and it’s really just to comply with my training plan. Cut yourself some slack…lots going on makes it tougher for sure. Try and forget paces/tempos and just run…easy runs in nice areas and listen to some good music…slow and easy and try and just make it fun again. Take to the trails…I find it’s a great re-motivator!

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