Saturday stats 5/17/14 – May mayhem


Last week’s miles18.9

This week’s miles: 19.1

Workout sessions:

  • Sunday: 4.23 miles, average min/mile – 10:59. Beautiful outside run, was supposed to be easy pace recovery run, but I felt like pushing it on Mother’s Day!
  • Monday: Jillian Michaels workout after work.
  • Tuesday: 3.25 miles, average min/mile – 11:12. Pre-work treadmill tempo run. 1/2 mile warm-up, 1/4 mile cooldown, with 2.5 mile run at 10 min/mile pace.
  • Wednesday – no workout. 12+ hour day at school due to my son’s evening band concert.
  • Thursday – 2.63 miles, average min/mile 10:10.  Evening treadmill speed workout that was cut short (only about 1/2 the workout) due to an unexpected parenting situation (it all worked out, but when you get a call from the middle school principal at 6:30pm, you get off the treadmill and deal with it!)
  • Friday – no workout.
  • Saturday – 9 miles, average min/mile 11:23. Treadmill workout. 12 min/mile warmup, 2 miles at 11:45, 2 miles at 11:30, 2 miles at 11:19, 2 miles at 11:06.

General notes:

When I signed up to run a half marathon on July 4th, I thought it was perfect timing. I’m only teaching one class during the summer, so I would have a lot more time to train. Stupidly (especially since I’ve done the training once already – it’s not like I had no idea!) I did not back up my training schedule to realize that the 5-7 weeks prior to the race (when the training plan mileage is fairly intense) is the last two weeks of May.

The last two weeks of May.

I’m fairly certain the end of the school year is chaotic for any mom, but as a mom of 3 kids and a senior advisor at a private school, my schedule is absolutely. ridiculous. Oh, and my daughter turns 10 in the middle of it all. And my mom is coming in for a week (which is awesome and I LOVE YOU MOM!) but it’s all coming together in a ridiculously chaotic and busy and overscheduled 14 days. There’s senior banquet and baccalaureate and graduation, oh my! A slumber party. An 8th grade moving up ceremony for my son. Awards assemblies. Girl Scouts meeting. Final dance classes before recital. End of the year parties. Not to mention, you know, the full time job.

And how about that half marathon training?

So, my goal for the next two weeks is to get as close as I can to staying on track with my training while also letting go of any self-recrimination for scaling back miles or missing workouts all together.  If I can get myself to the first weekend in June, I will be able to train on schedule for the last 5 weeks before the race; hopefully the less-than-diligent training so far will not put me too far in the hole.


2 responses to “Saturday stats 5/17/14 – May mayhem

  1. You’ll be fine if you can get those last five weeks in – stick with it! Best of luck!

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