Saturday stats 5/31/14 – school’s out and 5 week countdown.


*Last week’s miles: 22.4

This week’s miles: 23.6

*I had a Saturday stats post up for last week, and then accidentally deleted it in my WordPress app on my phone as I was working. Because it’s been that type of week.

Workout sessions:

  • Sun: 5 miles, average pace – 11:38 min/mile. Easy run on treadmill.
  • Mon: 3.5 miles, average pace – 10:40 min/mile. Treadmill run.
  • Tue: work to happy hour to dinner out with mom = no run.
  • Wed: 4 miles, average pace – 10:16 min/mile. Tempo run on treadmill: 1/2 mile warmup, 10 min/mile, 9:50 min/mile, 9:40 min/mile, 1/2 mile cooldown.
  • Thu: 2.5 miles, average pace – 11:47 min/mile. Easy pre-dawn outside run.
  • Fri: crazy last day of school with kid parties and then teacher party = no run.
  • Sat: 8.6 miles, average pace – 11:22 and then 12:09.  Run split into two sessions. First 5.56 miles to lemonade stand where my oldest was helping raise money for charity, then 3.05 miles on treadmill 30 min later.

General notes:

Overall, I’m really happy that I got this many miles in this week. Yes, I did not do any strength training AGAIN (can you tell I hate strength training and that is the first to go if I need to cut out workouts?), and I’m still not up in the 25-30 miles/week range I should be at for this many weeks out from a half marathon, but as I blogged before, these past two weeks were some of the craziest all year long for this teacher/mom of 3.

Next Sunday I run my first ever 10k. the Wounded Warrior 10k. With my Colorado half just over a month away, I’m not really in a mental (or, probably, physical) mindset to focus on this as a “real” race, especially not outside in June in Dallas; I signed up to support my friend Nikki, and I’m looking at it as a 10k just to put on the books as a benchmark for time. I think I’ll probably finish somewhere in the 1:05-1:10 time, maybe? I have no idea.

With school out (at least, for the kids. I still have two more days of professional development and then my summer class starts the next day!) I’m ready to focus on getting ready for the July 4th half. I’m still approaching the race as purely something to celebrate my 40th birthday, and nothing for time, but I definitely don’t want to have a “bad” run, so hopefully I’ll be ready!

Despite the less-than-intense training, it was a celebratory last week of school. My oldest graduated from middle school, and is joining my husband and me in the Upper School. I still can’t quite wrap my brain around my child now being old enough to be a student in “my” division!



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