Saturday stats 6/7/14 – Racemania


Last week’s miles23.6

This week’s miles: 27

Workout sessions:

  • Sun: 5 miles, average pace – 11:36 min/mile. Easy run on treadmill.
  • Mon: 4 miles, average pace – 11:43 min/mile. Easy run on treadmill.
  • Tue: 3.25 miles, average pace – 11:42 min/mile. Easy run on treadmill.
  • Wed: 1.75 miles, average pace – 10:51 min/mile. I was supposed to do a 5-6 mile speed workout. I wasn’t feeling it. So I stopped.
  • Thu: 10.75 miles, average pace – 11:53 min/mile. Redemption long run after yesterday’s abysmal, lazy session.
  • Fri: Jillian Michaels strength workout (one is better than none!)
  • Sat: 2.3 miles, average pace – 11:35 min/mile. Easy short run before 10k race tomorrow.

General notes:

While I didn’t quite hit my goal mileage of 30 this week, I did really step it up as compared to the past few weeks, and got in a strength training session, so I’m feeling pretty good, especially as I still had to work full time on Mon-Tue, and teach half day classes on Wed-Fri. Next week I hope to hit around 33 miles, which will put me in a good spot for the July 4th half.

Tomorrow I have the Wounded Warrior 10k, which I am not really in a “racing” mindset for. For one, there’s no way I could taper for this race, since my focus is on not dying with the July 4th half (I’m still not convinced I’m going to be ready for that), and for another, I *thought* doing a Jillian Michaels workout 2 days before the race wouldn’t really be a problem. Until I got out of bed this morning and audibly whimpered.

I hate Jillian Michaels.

I’m realizing that I’m not that “advanced” (in shape. whatever.) of a runner to be piling little races within training regiments for bigger races. At this point, I’m questioning the wisdom of training for races at all with my crazy work/mom schedule.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m having a bit of a crisis of confidence about this half marathon. In less than 4 weeks. In Colorado. On my birthday weekend.

I’m running proof that wisdom does not come with age.

So it makes total sense that I signed up for the 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Washington DC for next spring break.

I’m beginning to think I just like signing up for races.



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