Saturday stats 6/14/14 – 3 week countdown


Last week’s miles: 27

This week’s miles: 30

Workout sessions:

  • Sun: 6.29 miles, average pace – 10:32 min/mile. 10k Wounded Warrior race. 
  • Mon: Jillian Michaels workout
  • Tue: 5 miles, average pace – 11:36 min/mile.
  • Wed: rest day
  • Thu: 6.5 miles, average pace – 11:40 min/mile. Easy, very early morning miles on the treadmill before the husband went to work and I shuttled kids to camps.
  • Fri: Jillian Michaels workout
  • Sat: 12.17 miles, average pace – 12:26 min/mile. Slow, but steady long run.

General notes:

I hit 30 miles and got in my 2 Jillian Michaels workouts! While I’m proud of the consistent workouts, I’m running slow; I’m hoping that my slow pace/tired legs come from doing so many miles/workouts the same week that I raced a 10k, and not an indication of how my July 4th half will go. The half is 3 weeks from yesterday – my goal, truly, is to enjoy it. I signed up for this race to celebrate turning 40, and to run a race in a different state; I’m definitely not looking for a PR or hard run.

My 12 miles this morning, while slow, weren’t that bad, and best of all, I was (finally!) able to do a long run without GI issues. The past month or so, I’ve really struggled with my stomach on runs longer than 5-6 miles, and I’ve worked hard at tracking my eating the 24 hours before long runs to figure out the problem.

I’ve also switched from GU gels to Clif Shot Bloks for my long run fuel. For some reason, after my April half marathon, I just couldn’t stand to take another GU gel!

Today I start a very gradual taper – my mileage for the upcoming week should be in the mid to high 20’s.


3 responses to “Saturday stats 6/14/14 – 3 week countdown

  1. robinandamelia

    Nice work this week…slow is good in training. I use clif blocks as well, always have. The concept of gel just grosses me out. I eat 3 blocks at at time and make sure you follow with water or may upset stomach.

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