Saturday stats 6/21/14 – half marathon training in Texas in the summer is the suck.



Last week’s miles: 30

This week’s miles: 24.3

Workout sessions:

  • Sun: 5 miles, average pace – 11:53 min/mile. Easy recovery miles on treadmill after Saturday’s long run.
  • Mon: Jillian Michaels workout
  • Tue: 4.15 miles, average pace – 11:34 min/mile. Treadmill run.
  • Wed: 2.04 miles, average pace – 10:44 min/mile. This was my rest day, but I wanted to get in a short workout. Quick outside neighborhood run.
  • Thu: 5.1 miles, average pace – 11:06 min/mile. Treadmill run.
  • Fri: Jillian Michaels workout
  • Sat: 8.01 miles, average pace – 11:57 min/mile. Long run.

General notes: I am so ready for this half to be over! (although not necessarily ready for the half…).  I thought signing up for another half marathon within 3 months of running one would keep me motivated and in shape, but instead, I feel burnt out and uninspired.

It doesn’t help that it’s summer. In Texas.

Lesson learned.

Today was my last long run before the half in 2 weeks. I was supposed to do 10 miles, but at 8 miles, I started walking, and as luck would have it, my husband and dog came to surprise me on the running trail and I decided to hitch a ride home (I had already decided to walk the last 2 miles home before I saw him, so I took it as a sign the universe was condoning that decision). When I stepped outside at 6:20am to start my long run, it was already 81 degrees and muggy.

I tried to positively reframe it as altitude preparation for Colorado Springs (hard to breathe in the humidity) but it was a hot, uncomfortable run the entire time. I kept an even half marathon pace for the first 5 miles (11:15 min/mile average) but then started slowing down. Then walk/running. Then finally walking.

I don’t feel as prepared for this half as I did for the April Big D. I *think* my overall fitness is better; I’ve been running solid weekly mileage for twice the time, and I’ve added in the weight training. But my long runs have not been as strong, or plentiful, as the ones I did before the April half marathon, and unlike my nervous excitement for my first half, I’m feeling very apathetic about this half.

This transformation into a “runner” is definitely a journey, and I’m viewing every decision as a learning experience. I’m realizing that I should either space out my half marathons by 6 months (so that I can completely stop training for a break, and then start over) or keep them closer together (within 4-6 weeks) so that I can ride the “ready” train into the next one; 3 months apart gave me no break in my training, but a long time of active preparation.

Also, no more half marathons in the summer. Or September, since that would require August long runs.


2 responses to “Saturday stats 6/21/14 – half marathon training in Texas in the summer is the suck.

  1. Some friends have told me the race they thought they were least prepared for was one of their strongest … You have the fitness. Just go enjoy it and the beautiful scenery 🙂

  2. Summer running is definitely hard, hot, and sweaty, but you’re doing a great job!! You’re getting in miles and doing the best you can!! You are going to do awesome!! XOXO!!!

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