Nothing that salt water doesn’t cure


I haven’t posted in a bit, but it’s been for good (if hectic) reason. Shortly after we got back from Colorado, our kids came home from summer visitation with their Dad. It was a tough stretch for me, as it was the first summer that their Dad decided to take his entire 30 days, uninterrupted (usually he breaks it up into two, two week segments). I’ve never gone that long without my kids, and missed them desperately, especially since I’m home in the summer, and they were only 25 minutes away.

Cross one more divorce milestone off my list. Sigh.

But now they’re home (yay!) and we headed out to spend some quality family time. First we drove down to San Antonio to visit my sister and her family (always a good time) and hit up Schlitterbahn. Then it was home for a brief 24 hours to do laundry, repack, drop the dog off at the kennel, and we headed out on a road trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.

As a Rhode Island native, I’m (shockingly) pretty happy living in Dallas, with one exception. I need to get to the ocean at least once a year. Colorado was beautiful, and fun, but it’s not my place. I firmly believe that the ocean is restorative, and healing. It’s hard for me to feel stressed at the shore.  Even though I’m raising them in the landlocked, concrete jungle of Dallas, I’m trying to instill an appreciation of the ocean in my kids.  It was a great vacation, and I’m so glad I planned (and paid for) the trip before I knew that we would be moving the week we came back.

Oh yeah. Turns out this summer we’re also selling our house(s) and buying a new house.

Trying to hold on to that ocean zen..






6 responses to “Nothing that salt water doesn’t cure

  1. Beautiful! So glad you made it to the ocean. We barely made it to a Great Lake (and couldn’t swim because of bacteria levels… ugh). So glad to hear about the new house, too. It’s a good thing you are so organized and neat; it would take me a year to dig us out of this place so we could move somewhere else. You have the energy of ten people!

  2. I feel the same way about the ocean. We are on our annual summer trek to the coast. It’s rejuvenating. That saying about putting kids in water if they are crabby applies to me too. Good luck with your move.

  3. Way to go, Tracey and congratulations on the new house. Good to read about your good news.

  4. As a military spouse currently locked in at Kansas. I know about missing the beach. I was raised in Connecticut and spent my summers at east coast oceans.

  5. I love this for so many reasons. As you may have noticed from my Facebook feed, I am a beach girl. I grew up on the glorious Puget Sound. We have a family home there, built on piling. When the tide comes in there in only one way on or out and requires a boat. What makes me laugh is that all the summers of my life I lived there. When I was little and we would get hurt, my mom would say, “Go soak it in the bay. That will fix anything.” The bay is after all a giant pool of saline.

    Anywho, the beach is my happy place, my healing place, where everything good happens. Restorative to wounds and restorative to the soul. I feel ya friend.

    So happy your summer has ended so well and with so may good things, especially your three kids! Hope the coming school year is equally successful.

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