Home sweet (new) home


When I planned our Florida beach vacation, I had no idea we would be selling our house(s), buying a new one, and moving, immediately upon returning. Moving was not on my agenda at all for summer 2014. After a very… exhausting … few years, I was looking forward to a summer with no new classes to prep for, a summer class that was already planned out (taught the summer before), and no big expeditions on the horizon.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs.

Since all 3 of my children matriculated at our school in fall 2012, it has been a dream of mine to move closer. While our commute was not unmanageable (25ish minutes in the morning, up to 45-50 if we hit rush hour on the way home), with the 3 kids getting older, more involved in activities, and all five of us in the building Monday through Friday, we often joked that we spent more time at our school than in our home. But moving costs, more expensive homes, and the increased costs, seemed impossible when prioritizing tuition.

Then my husband decided to sell his home (rented since we married) to work on looming college tuition for our eldest, and on a lark, I asked his realtor to come estimate what I could get for my home. I had a number in my head that would make it work.

She met the number.

So, towards the end of June, we made the decision to put my house on the market along with his, and begin house hunting. We found the perfect house for us. It’s 4 miles from our school. Four. Miles.



First night dinner, before furniture.


It’s a two story (which finally feels like “home” to me. I grew up in 2 story homes, and never quite got used to my ranch house), with larger bedrooms for each of the kids, a library for my classicist husband, a game room for the soon-t0-be-THREE teenagers in the house, and a pool


It’s been an exhausting, stressful, joyous, exhausting, week. We have a long list of updates we want to do. Our other 2 houses are still on the market (all. the. stress.). We’ve discovered lots of little issues to fix (putting those updates further and further away).

And then my oldest is getting braces tomorrow.

But I know these are all hiccups in the road; the big picture is that we have a house we can envision grandchildren coming to visit in, that is a mere 10 minutes from the place where it’s not unrealistic to think we may retire from.

It’s our house.

Now if we can just get rid of those other two…


8 responses to “Home sweet (new) home

  1. Congratulations! I know too well the stress of selling, buying, renovating and moving houses, having just done all of it too, but there’s nothing like starting to feel like you’re settled in the right place after such a long road.

  2. Congratulations! I hope the two houses sell fast and that you can feel completely settled into your new life now. This makes me so happy for you!

  3. Moving is never easy, but yay for a new house and a shorter commute! Congrats on your home. Hopefully the two will sell quickly so you can focus on building memories in your new space.

  4. I found my dream no use, made and offer and had it accepted before I even listed the house I currently owned. I feel ya friend. Somehow, I feel like your luck (as if that has anything to do with anything) is changing.

    Best wishes on your new 2-story! I still giggle seeing Lucy practicing her Chritsmas morning walk down the stairs. That is one of my greatest childhood memories! I hope so delay we can see more photos, though understand if your are reluctant to post. Sadly, houses and photos of how people decorate is like porn for me. Does that make me pathetic? Wait, don’t answer that.

    Peace friend.

  5. Three mortgages sounds scary, but being in a home that feels like home is huge! Those House-Hugs you get when you walk in the door of home are important!

  6. Congrats on your new home! You have a beautiful family. Less time on the road and more time together is always a good thing. Wishing y’all lots of happy moments and memories.

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