(Overdue) running update

I’m pretty sure I began my last post saying I was overdue with blogging…

Life is crazy busy. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking “yeah, right” when moms with older kids would tell me that life only gets more hectic as they get older, because how could it possibly be more hectic than when I had 3 kids under 5? But it is. Less sleep deprived, less physically exhausting for sure (I really don’t believe I could have done all this running with the life I had 10 years ago), but even more hectic and overscheduled.

With that said, I am deep in the throes of half training again, and am going to try to get back to my weekly updates.

My family ran the Heroes for Children 5k on Saturday, Sept 27th and had a great time. I still didn’t officially break the 30min barrier (so close!) but did nab my second best time (30:33) and placed 4th in my age group! More importantly, and awesomely, my 3 kids ran it for the first time ever. I’m so proud of them!


My daughter’s BFF even came out to support the cause.


My sweet husband hung back to run with the kids so that I could actually “race”, so I was able to catch all their finishes on Vine.

After initially being upset because she finished “last” in the family, and convinced she did just terribly, my daughter perked up when she saw that she officially placed 11th out of 23 in her division, and now wants to do another 5k with me, but “train” this time. While I am overjoyed at her enthusiasm, and even went out and bought her a new pair of running shoes to train in (which I’m suspicious may have been the impetus for this endeavor to begin with…), we’ll see if it all comes together. She’s worried about the every other weekend at Dad’s house impacting her training. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, I have two half marathons on the books: Dec 14th’s Dallas MetroPCS and March 14th’s Rock n Roll in Washington DC.  The training is going pretty well, actually. My last two long runs, of 11 and 12 miles, were solid. I ran the entire time, had negative splits for my 11 mile, and very consistent splits on my 12 mile run. I’m up to 24-26 miles per week and climbing, so I’m on target!

Would love to PR on one of these upcoming races, and feel pretty confident that I can.


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