Run, Interrupted

I am not one to make excuses to skip runs.

I’ve run with allergies. With colds. Hungover. At 5am and at 8pm. With my previous 3 half marathon training programs, I never missed a long run, and can count on one hand the number of shorter runs I bailed on. Sure I might slack a bit, cut a mile off here or there, but I completed all my training runs.

I’m what you might call “disciplined”.

But even I have my limits. It turns out pneumonia? Stops me from running.

As a teacher and mom of 3, I’ve cringed and washed my hands and obsessively Purell-ed my way through the past several weeks. The flu began making its way through the senior class the week before Christmas break, and then after a week hiatus post-New Year, started up again a couple weeks ago.

So when I woke up last Monday feeling cruddy, I told myself it was allergies. Create your own reality. I’m gonna Secret my way through this week, because with my biggest career obligation this year on tap for Tuesday night, no one has time for sick.

And it worked, All that adrenaline and self-pep talk got me through to 8pm Tuesday evening. It was, by all professional accounts, a successful night for me.

I started shaking on the way home. And not in a self-congratulatory, “you rock!” kind of way. I woke up Wednesday morning with body aches, chills, a racking cough, and my tell-tale wheezy lungs. With no fever, however, I decided to limp my way into school, since as every teacher knows, it’s harder to stay home than call in.

By Saturday morning, I had what I not-so-affectionately dub my #limplungs death rattle. I periodically get pneumonia (every 2-3 years), and have fairly scarred lungs as a result. Any time I get too worn down and then a nasty virus, it goes straight to my lungs. I reluctantly went to Urgent Care, where they immediately gave me a nebulizer treatment, steroid shot in the ass (always demoralizing), and X-ray confirmation that my left lung showed signs of pneumonia infection.

So…long story short, no 12 mile run on Saturday morning.


Many medications (antibiotic, steroids twice a day, inhaler 4x a day, prescription cough medicine, and decongestant) and 48 hours later, and I’m on the mend, albeit weak, and still wheezy. However, it’s been a full week since I’ve run.

I might try to get in a 30min easy jog tomorrow. I’m not sure.

At any rate, my training plan is shot to hell, that’s for sure. Even when I can start running again, there’s no way I can just “jump in” to my training schedule. Recovery from pneumonia is no joke, and it will probably take another couple weeks to fully recover.

The half marathon is in just under 6 weeks.


I have no experience with this situation. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m doing the damn half marathon. I just don’t know what sort of shape I’ll be in. Maybe a run-walk attempt? I suppose it’s too early to tell.

I also hate starting my first month of 2015 already down on my average miles per month goal to hit 1000 miles. I’m not sure February will be all that great either, considering how I will have to ease back into it.

Not the best start to my 2015. Sigh.


6 responses to “Run, Interrupted

  1. Big hugs! I ran my second fastest ever half marathon after having to completely rest for 4 weeks due to injury. You might surprise yourself in 6 weeks from now if you give your body the time to fully heal. Good luck & feel better soon!

  2. Part of the process….missed runs no big deal. Rule of thumb, above the neck you can run, below the neck, take a rest…I think you should rest for a while. Your body is telling you to rest 🙂

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