18 days

I posted a few weeks ago how my March Rock n Roll half marathon training schedule veered off track due to pneumonia. The half marathon that is now in exactly 18 days.

I suppose it is fortunate that I was approaching this race, from the beginning, as a fun, rather long, workout to cap off a family trip to Washington DC, since it is now abundantly clear that I will not be racing the event. Wherein racing means running for a good time, if you can consider my version of a good time “good”.

I’m mostly over my pneumonia. Mostly in the sense that I now feel completely normal with the exception of an annoying, lingering asthmatic cough that always stick around for an extra 6-8 weeks past the average time a person without scarred lungs would have the post-pneumonia wheezy cough.  I can run, but I do notice that I grow short of breath, cough intermittently, and still feel I’m playing catch up from the 2-3 weeks off my mileage.

With that said, I’m pretty much back on my last couple weeks of training (which is taper, so it’s easier anyway).

Two weekends ago I completed a 10 mile run with no walking breaks at an 11:25 min/mile pace, and felt pretty good. On Saturday, I gritted out an 11 mile long run (supposed to be 12, but I was done at 11) at an 11:51 min/mile pace, with some walk breaks beginning around mile 8. I have one more 10 miler this weekend, and then just shorter runs until the half.

This is all to say that I am 100% confident I am okay to actually run the half marathon on March 14th, I just imagine the race will be more like my Colorado half instead of my December Dallas half.

And I am totally okay with that.  I’m meeting up with some Twitter running friends who are also signed up, and my dear friend and her family (including my god-daughter) are driving up from North Carolina to visit at the end of the week and cheer me on. I plan on enjoying the course, reminiscing about my college glory days (Hoya Saxa!), and merely completing half marathon number 4.

Four half marathons in one year. Who would have thought that, when on a lark in November 2013 I decided to see if I could train for a half marathon, I would actually keep doing it?

However, only 5 and 10ks for the rest of 2015 (with the possibility of another half in December in San Antonio. I’m undecided). I need a long break from long runs. I hate them right now. Well, I always hate them, but I really hate them lately. I plan on working on speed work for the next 6-9 months and shooting for 5 and 10k PRs.


2 responses to “18 days

  1. hatng the latest long runs too. Looking forward to having this be over. Can’t wait to see you!!

  2. Have you ever been tested for immune problems? More than 1 pneumonia in 10 years is a sign of an immune issue. Every pneumonia can do long term perminate damage to your lungs. If you have a cough lasting that long after, you should get tested. I follow another triathlete in Dallas who had the same disease as me, CVID. He blogs and raises awareness under the name TRIforBetter, his name is David he might have a doc who can run a simple test for you.

    I used to complain about my weak lungs. As a triathlete, I just didn’t see how that was possible. Turns out, it is with this disease I didn’t even know I had.

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