#RWRunstreak: summer edition

It all began with a #RWRunstreak.

In November, 2013, I ran my first 5 miles straight (for the first time. Ever.) Filled with the (over)confidence that only a runner’s high can induce, I decided to both 1. train for my first half marathon, and 2. participate in the Runner’s World holiday runstreak.

I did not lose weight, as I hoped. I did not particularly enjoy it, as I expected. But it did kick off what would lead to 4 half marathons in 365 days, and my current self-identification as a “runner”.  So when I saw that another #RWRunstreak was starting for summer 2015 on Memorial Day, I signed on.

At least one mile. Every day. Through July 4th Labor Day.

That’s right. I’m (hopefully) doing it through Labor Day. Because since when does July 4th signify the end of summer? #overachiever

I have a lot of plans for my fitness routine this summer, since I have more flexibility with my schedule, and time on my hands. I’m hoping to get in the pool twice a week, to both effectively cross-train and help my friend get ready for her first triathlon. I’m also hoping to finally, no really, get in a twice a week strength training routine. Every time I train for a race, I think “this training cycle I will be good and strength train” and then every. single. time., I do 2-3 sessions and then abandon them due to a busy schedule (how do full time working moms of 3 log all those half-marathon training miles and also strength train?).

My goal is to run 1 x 8 mile long run a week (to not lose my endurance), then 2 x 4 mile runs, 2 x 3 mile runs, and then a 2 mile and 1 mile day a week (“rest” days). On the 3 mile days, I strength train, and on the 2 and 1 mile days, I swim.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Happy summer, y’all. May this be our fittest yet.

(feel free to weigh in with your summer fitness goals)


10 responses to “#RWRunstreak: summer edition

  1. I’m training for my first half marathon in time to celebrate my 40th birthday =) My 39th year started with my marriage imploding, so I’m sending out this year and decade with a celebration of a new life! I also acquired a kayak for my cross training endeavors. I’ve always wanted to kayak and now find myself with extra time to take for myself.

  2. Michelle – I’m so sorry to hear about your marriage, but love that you are running ( and kayaking!) in response. Running has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Good luck with the half training!

  3. you keep me inspired! I’m running my 5th 5k of the season this weekend and 4 more already scheduled through august!

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