2015 Dallas Disco Run 10k Race Recap

On Sunday, my husband and I ran the Dallas Disco Run 10k. Yes, that’s right, I got the husband to run with me!I knew that he would kick my butt, even as he moaned and groaned about the training program.  After all, this is the guy that beat me by 2 minutes in last year’s 5k after not training at all. He also joined a men’s soccer league this spring (he played competitive soccer in high school and college), so he’s been running. He’s a runner. But he sweetly put on a show about how hard it was going to be, and how much easier it is for me to “only” run 6.2 miles (insert rolling eye emoji).

Still, yay for couple time! (if you count me spending 1 mile watching his back fade into the distance, and then meeting up with him an hour later at the finish line as couple time. Which I do.)

Race morning was gorgeous, which was especially glorious given that we have been underwater here in Dallas for the past bajillion days. Sunny, cloudless, and a pre-race 62 degrees (it would be closer to 80 by the time we left Fair Park). I know it was 62 degrees because my husband complained that it was “cold” as we got out of the car at 7am. He’s so cute.

We agreed, because we’re both insanely slightly competitive, that we would run our own races. I’m not sure we were still next to each other by the time we crossed the starting line.

Race splits:

  1. 9:55 min/mile
  2. 10:09 min/mile
  3. 10:15 min/mile
  4. 10:22 min/mile
  5. 10:39 min/mile
  6. 11:05 min/mile**
  7. last .2 8:58 min/mile

**I had to run/walk the last mile and a half due to stomach issues. I fully blame Panera for this snafu, since they discontinued my traditional pre-race meal, and I (unwisely) chose an alternative from the menu that definitely did not agree with my stomach 13 hours later. I think I could have easily gone another minute faster without this handicap.

Official time: 1:03:31.  I chopped nearly 3 minutes off my best time (okay, only time) from the Wounded Warrior 10k a year ago. I placed 73 out of all women (205), although I couldn’t figure out my age group finish, since the website only showed the top 6 finishers in each category (and I was not in the top 6).

My super fast husband? 53:53 and 6th in his age group (which, I’d like to note, is a younger category than mine. Ahem.).  RIDICULOUS how talented he is.

I’d be depressed and resentful except I’m just so damn proud and impressed.

I’d love to say that this is the beginning of a new couple activity, but he couldn’t wait to finish the race so he can “stop all this running crap” and get back to lifting in the gym to “get big for swimsuit season”. He needs to put weight back on since he dropped 8 pounds without trying, just from running four times a week.

I might be depressed and resentful about THAT part.



7 responses to “2015 Dallas Disco Run 10k Race Recap


    haha. that’s super awesome that you and your husband ran the race together.! 🙂 sounds like he’s naturally talented.
    Great job as well.!! how fun

  2. Congratulations on your time and placing! I love hearing how life is unfolding for you. And, yes, I too would resent the 8 lb. drop … seriously 8 lbs. without changing eating habits? NO FAIR!

  3. Keep having fun out there. Competition is good for the soul

  4. Congrats to you both….couples that run together stay together 🙂

  5. Nice job on the PR!!

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