#RWRunstreak summer edition: update


About a month ago, I set some pretty ambitious goals for my #fittestsummerever. I have not done a great job blogging about it, but that’s because 1. I’ve been super busy (every summer I wonder how in the world I work full time. There’s so much to do! How do I do all of this and work 45-50 hours a week?) and 2. I’ve actually been keeping up with my summer fitness goals, which means lots of running and swimming and strength training, and not a lot of writing.

First, what’s kept me so busy.

I wrapped up the school year, and the kids did some camps. My daughter has decided she likes tennis.


Since we’re not taking a family vacation this summer (more on that in a minute), we did a one night staycation at Great Wolf Lodge.



We went and visited my sister in San Antonio for a weekend, and then while the kids visited their Dad for a week, the husband and I road tripped to Gulf Shores for a couple nights.


When we came back, we picked up our (surprise to the kids) newest addition to the family, a 9 week old mastiff puppy (hence the no family vacation this summer). We’ve been super busy and sleep deprived with this little terror, but we adore him already.

IMG_5513 IMG_5500 IMG_5512

All this and it’s not even July yet!

So, how have I been doing with my #RWRunstreak and #fittestsummerever goals? Actually, really awesome. I have run at least a mile every single day since May 22nd, and logged over 90 miles in June. I have also been swimming twice a week (mostly – I missed a day while in Gulf Shores), and working on strength training a couple times a week.

I know. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

I’m not going to lie – I’m sick of running. I’m sick of working out and I’m sick of getting in a run (and a swim. and weights) every. single. day., but I do feel pretty exhausted healthy. I’ve had some rough days mentally the past few days, with new-puppy sleep deprivation and post-vacation weariness, but I forced myself to keep at it. I’ve lost a couple pounds, although not as much as I would have hoped or liked with how hard I’m working, but I’m also making up the calories in summer alcohol and ice cream indulgence. I’m sure if I was more disciplined I would drop more, but being home all day plus burning so many calories with workouts does not make for much self-discipline.

I do think I look fairly toned, though, particularly in my legs, and my husband said he can see the (swimming) difference in my back, although that may just be a line to sweet talk me.

At any rate, I’m hanging in there and meeting my goals. 1/3 of the summer down!


2 responses to “#RWRunstreak summer edition: update


    Great job on staying motivated with your workouts even though you’ve been so busy.!! that’s awesome.
    and the new puppy is adorable.!!!

  2. robinandamelia

    Love your new edition, he’s too cute! Good work on the running/exercise! Not that I think you need to lose weight, but it’s great to stay healthy. Enjoy the summer.

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