My Kids Answer 10 Questions About My Running

Recently, one of my favorite running bloggers, Beth over at Shut Up + Run, did a post interviewing her kids about her running. Since today is my birthday and my kids have to be nice to me, I decided to ask them the same questions about my running.

I asked the 10 questions to my 15yr old, 12 yr old, and 11 yr old. Blue is my commentary.

1. What does your mom eat before a run?

  • 15 yr old: I have no clue.
  • 12 yr old: I forget. (I appreciate the insinuation that he knew at some point)
  • 11 yr old: I’m never awake when you run. 

2. How far does your mom run every day?

  • 15 yr old: No clue.
  • 12 yr old: 1 mile, I think?
  • 11 yr old: It depends on how busy you are, or how much you ran the day before, but I think you usually run between 3-8 miles. (my favorite part of this mostly-accurate answer is how she pegged that there is an actual plan in the mileage)

3. What was your mom’s favorite race?

  • 15 yr old: No clue. 
  • 12 yr old: the 10k where we all ran together, because you were happy that we were all running together. (he means the Heroes for Children 5k, and I love his logic, even if it’s incorrect. My favorite race was probably the 2013 Austin turkey trot, that started it all.)
  • 11 yr old: the one you ran with Daddy. (the Disco 10k)

4. Why do you think your mom runs?

  • 15 yr old: For physical health.
  • 12 yr old: Because it’s healthy, and you want to live a long time.
  • 11 yr old: For 3 reasons, can I give 3? 1. To be healthy, 2. To donate money for charity and 3. Just for fun. (I love that she associates my running with charity, even though only a small percentage of my runs are charitable).

5. What injuries has your mom had from running?

  • 15 yr old: I don’t think you’ve had any.
  • 12 yr old: None that I can remember. 
  • 11 yr old: Let’s see, you have thigh pains, and there was that time your foot was all bloody and gross and you sometimes get neck pains, is that from running? (it’s not, it’s from stress and now I think the swimming is screwing with my bum shoulder at the moment)

6. Do you like going to your mom’s races?

  • 15 yr old: No. 
  • 12 yr old: No. But I like cheering for you from home. 
  • 11 yr old: I like going to the end of your races. (you can see why I try to schedule my races on their Dad’s weekends)

7. Does having a mom who runs make you want to run?

  • 15 yr old: No.
  • 12 yr old: No.
  • 11 yr old: Yes, because I want to be just like you. (for the record, I did try to train for/run a 5k with Lucy. We made it through 4 couch to 5k sessions. Then she quit.)

8. What have you learned from having a mom who runs?

  • 15 yr old: I’ve learned nothing. 
  • 12 yr old: That it’s exhausting. 
  • 11 yr old: Never quit. 

9. What is your least favorite thing about having a mom who runs?

  • 15 yr old: That I have someone in my immediate family who runs so much. It’s kind of shameful, actually. 
  • 12 yr old: You always come home sweaty and then I can’t hug you.
  • 11 yr old: No offense, but when you come home, you’re really sweaty, and I don’t want to hug you. (the kids were not interviewed together so I thought it was cute they had the same answer)

10. Do you think you’ll run when you are your mom’s age? (41)

  • 15 yr old: Most certainly not.
  • 12 yr old: Probably not, but I might still play sports, like Marc with soccer. 
  • 11 yr old: Not as much as you, but I’d like to run. Depending on how much work my kids are. 

4 responses to “My Kids Answer 10 Questions About My Running

  1. That. Is. Awesome.

  2. Don’t you love adolescents? Keep this for when they are 41!
    And Happy Birthday!

  3. Awesome answers! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday – love their answers!!

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