Day 90

Today was day 90 of my stupid summer runstreak.

I cannot believe there are still 16 days left – perhaps it would have been wise to count the number of days involved in this challenge before I declared it, but who would have thought summer is so damn long?! I’m back at work and the kids start school this week and it seems, for all intents and purposes, that summer is a distant memory (except for the  Texas heat) but here I am, with over 2 weeks still to go before Labor Day.

I might be a little cranky. Remember me at day 56? Multiply that times 34 more days, with my crazy back to work schedule, and August triple digit heat.

I’m tired, y’all.

There is so much going on. The kids are back, which is great but (like the previous 3 summers) exasperating, as their Dad’s summer visitation occurs during my downtime, and ends right as I head back to the grind. Like always, the 0 to 90mph transition in August is a shock to the system. The next 3 weeks are insanely hectic with several 16-17 hour days away from home (well, with quick trips back home to let the puppy out, who at 4 months old today, is the size of a full grown midsize dog).


And did I mention I’m still running every day?

did give myself permission to temporarily drop the swim workouts, since there’s just no way I can maintain 2 workouts a day with my work schedule. I am hoping to resume swimming as my cross training once I get through these first few weeks of school, when there are so many evening and weekend commitments for work. I have been pretty good with my strength training schedule, and decided to add the 30 day plank challenge.

Because I felt guilty about not swimming right now.

Problems. I have them.


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