My favorite running blog, Shut Up and Run, shared a blog prompt recently, and since I can’t blog about what’s consumed my past week, I figured I’d check in with something fun.

Time and Place: 5:06pm on Saturday. Just got home from a grocery run to Central Market, 10 minutes left on the dryer before the clothes are done, and approximately 45 minutes before it’s time to start dinner.

Cooking: This is the first weekend night in a while that I’ve 1. had the kids, 2. not been on steroids and antibiotics (did I blog that I’m recuperating from a particularly nasty bout with bronchitis? I don’t think so. I had to take a week off of running again), and 3. not coming home late from some kid event. We’re celebrating by making fajitas and queso and guacamole and chocolate chip cookies. And perhaps some booze for me, since it’s been a few weeks.

Awaiting: my daughter’s MRI results and treatment plan appointment on Wednesday.

Experiencing: Some nausea. I did a 6 mile run this morning (my first long. ish. run since bronchitis) but then I wasn’t very hungry for lunch and only had a yogurt. But I don’t want to mess up my dinner appetite, so I’m waiting. Boring, mundane, but true.

Working on: Work updates. It’s starting to get really busy. The weekend work is back.

(Moses is all, but it’s the weekend! What are you doing with 2 laptops going up there?!)  

Reading: The Color Purple for the 13th time for my Women Writers class. And intermittently, because I’m so busy, Triathlon for the Every Woman.

Listening To: Zelda snore at my feet. Have you ever heard a mastiff snore? It’s not a cute little dog wheeze-groan. It’s a full on, human-overweight-apnea, snore.

Craving: Peace.

Hating: I’m leaving this one blank.

Loving: That I have a (relatively) lazy weekend on tap with  my 3 kids home and we’re all just enjoying the downtime with each other.

Anticipating: The spring break trip to Seattle and Vancouver I have planned to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday.

Watching: The Entourage series again. I watched it all the way through when it was originally on, but my husband never saw an episode, so it’s our current binge watch. We have the movie in our Netflix queue for when we finish the series.

Promoting: My senior program this week. I present to the board of directors on Monday afternoon, and the class of 2017 parents on Tuesday night. I have a long week ahead of me.

Avoiding: Letting my anger get the best of me, and being reactive.




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