Tri? What tri?

On Friday night, my husband and I had dinner with our best couple friends. In addition to being funny, kind, generous and loyal, they’re also into the health and fitness scene. You may remember my best friend as my inspiration to sign up for a triathlon (she also runs a fitness blog). And her husband? Maybe you’ve heard of Coach Calorie (if you haven’t, you should).

So, inevitably when we all get together, the conversation turns to our latest exercise goals. It went something like this:

Coach Calorie: “So how is the tri training going?”

Me: *mumble* *hedge* *hem* “Uh, it’s going.”

Coach Calorie: “Oh yeah? And the biking?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m getting in some biking.”

Coach Calorie: “Like, on the bike?”


And that about sums up my “tri training”.

I’m doing a sprint tri in just over a month. 40 days, to be exact.

I could write a veritable short story about why I am not exactly, per se, “training” for the tri. Depending on your point of view, it’s either a narrative of a very legitimate, understandable, reasonable explanation why I just haven’t been able to devote time, energy or attention to 3 sport training …  or a long winded rationalizing rant of excuses and defenses.

I’ve been really, really busy. Let’s just leave it at that.

Oh, and I’m also training for a half marathon I’m racing in less than 2 weeks. Have you ever tried to train for a half marathon, and a sprint, pool-based, triathlon, at the same time? With little time to work out?

So, yes, maybe I haven’t been in the pool since Feb 15th (yikes, training log, really?)

And maybe I’ve only been outside biking on my actual bike a handful of times.

And maybe I’m going away for spring break and will not do any training at all for a week a mere 4 weeks before my triathlon.

have been doing all my long runs (and most of my short runs. ish.) for my half marathon. If I can run for over 2 hours, surely I can do a little sprint triathlon, right?

That’s my weary mantra, and I’m sticking to it.

In all honesty, I’ll finish. I mean, I do longer than the swim for a warm-up, I’ve biked the mileage several times already, and I’m running 13.1 miles one month before the tri, so a 5k? I can handle that, even tacked on to a short swim and 10 mile bike.

But as for “transitions” and “speed” and “racing” – meh. I still get the medal.

The truth is, I’m proud that I’m still working out 6 days a week, and not backing out of either race. Life hasn’t been easy, lately. I mean, it’s never easy, but there’s been a special alignment of the work-kid-divorce stars that have led to a lot of compartmentalization and positive reframing and get-up-show-up-because-you-don’t-give-up-EVER work on my part.

All that work? Is exhausting. And I’m still hanging in there, on all fronts.

Also? I have this guy beside me (except for the 4 days he went to San Francisco. Without me. Because he’s a big britches in training.).


2 responses to “Tri? What tri?

  1. Gorgeous picture of the two of you! Reading all that you do is exhausting but also enviable. Don’t know how you do it, but love your attitude of never giving up no matter what. You’re awesome sauce!

  2. You are an inspiration!
    Thank you!

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