Austin TriRock Olympic Triathlon training: week 1

This is the picture on the Austin TriRock website, so I guess it’s the picture I’ll use when writing about my training. I find this amusing, because that picture is just so very far from what I will experience. I mean, yes, I will be biking on that stretch of road (which I recognize well, having run the Austin Turkey Trot several times), but that gentleman in the forefront is a veritable triathlete.

Let’s revisit what *I* look like during a triathlon, shall we?


Big difference.

Anyway, technically this is my 2nd week of my 12 week Olympic triathlon training plan, but since I didn’t blog last week, I’ll call this week 1 for blogging purposes. One week down, 10 to go.

10 weeks sounds very, very soon. While last summer’s Memorial Day – Labor Day runstreak felt interminable, I feel like I don’t have nearly enough time to prepare for this race. It turns out that even when a teacher is on summer break and theoretically has a lot of time to train, there is only so much physical training a 41 (almost 42) year old body can do in a 24 hour span.

As I have discovered, with my very first “injury” (not injury so much as chronic lowgrade pain in the ass. Literally. I pulled a muscle in my ass. It would be funny except it hurts to do everything.)

Anyway, here is this week’s training in the bank:

Sat June 18th: 16.07 miles on the bike in 1:14:10 (average 13 mph). This was my first time biking in the streets with traffic and stoplights (I usually drive to the trail, but I’m trying to lengthen my routes knowing I will need to build up to 30+ mile rides). I did better than I thought I would, given the Texas heat (it’s brutal even at sunrise) and cars going past me. I hate training outside in the summer in Dallas, but there’s no substitute for actually getting on the bike (versus spinning inside) and pounding the pavement, so I force myself to do the long workouts outside.

Sun June 19th: I did my long outside run (5 miles) on Friday (my usual rest day) so that I could take today off for Father’s Day. I got up and baked coffee cake instead of training. I think that’s a win-win for everyone.

Mon June 20th: 1 mile swim: 300 yd warmup, 4 x 50s on the 1:00, 2 x 500s pull with 30 sec rest, and 150 cooldown. Then a 3 mile run in 33:15 (11:05 min/mile). The swimming is a funky component of the triathlon for me. It’s a solid workout for this point in my training for the Olympic distance. It’s also where I am with my fitness in the pool. It just seems so pathetic to me. #formerswimmerproblems

Tue Jun 21st: 11.62 mile bike in 45 min (15.49 mph) followed immediately (BRICK)  by a 3 mile run in 32:45 (10:55 min/mile). This was indoors at the gym (stationary bike/treadmill) but I felt really good about this workout. That’s a solid run for me after 45 min on the bike.

Wed June 22nd: Tri training giveth, and it taketh away. After yesterday’s great workout, I had a horrible session in the pool. I was supposed to do another 1 mile, but cut it short at 1200 yds. I just wasn’t feeling it. 300 yd warmup, 8 x 50s on the 1:00, 1 x 300 fast-easy-fast (was supposed to do 3 x 300), then 200 cooldown.

Thu June 23rd: 15.01 mile bike in 1 hour (15.01 mph. Obviously.) followed by 15 min strength session. I’m trying to be good about incorporating weights in my training. That has been my weak spot in 3 years of running. Every single time I start a half marathon training session, I promise myself I will keep up with 2x a week strength training. I never do. I don’t know what it is , I just hate doing those stupid planks and lunges and squats. But I’m trying – I know it’s good for me.

Fri June 24th: rest day.

In other triathlon training news, my husband gave me my birthday present two weeks early (patience is not one of his virtues). Despite me telling him that I do not need a fancy watch with lots of widgets and technology (because if you know me, you know I cannot figure out how to use all the features anyway. It took me over a year to realize that I should periodically plug in my old Garmin Forerunner 15 to my computer for “updates”. Yes really. Of course, why I should intuit that a watch needs updates is beyond me, but I digress), he spoiled me with a Garmin Forerunner 920XT.

Once I figure out how to use it, I’m sure I will love it. A watch that counts laps? Color me intrigued.


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