Austin TriRock Olympic Triathlon training: weeks 2 and 3


I didn’t get around to blogging last week, so this post will cover two weeks of training. I had every intention of writing, and then my Aries husband went into his “do mode” on some household projects I’ve been asking him to take care of for a few months weeks, and suddenly our entire downstairs floors were torn up and replaced.

No, really.

We could not be more different. I like to plot, plan and map out (as in, during the first week of June, I organized all the summer curriculum work and online class building  I have to complete by August 17th into mini-weekly  deadlines). My husband, on the other hand, will smile and nod as I periodically nag remind him of summer household projects, and then BAM it’s all getting done in one insanely stressful and expensive swoop.

Somehow we make it work.

Anyway, I managed to keep up with the workouts while living out of my quarantined bedroom, tip-toeing through the dusty war zone to and from the car.

Sat June 25th: Long run. I figure I should practice 1 long run and 1 long bike outside each week, even though it is summer in Dallas, because I have to do this triathlon on Labor Day in Austin. For those of you not from Texas, it will still be eleventy bajillion degrees even though Labor Day is in September, which sounds like it should be fall if you are reading this from other parts of the country. In Texas, fall arrives somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I ran 5 miles in 1:06:16, which translates into 3 miles at a decent pace, 1 mile at a run/walk, and 1 mile where I was just really hoping to make it back to the car.

Sun June 26th: Long bike. I took the White Rock Trail down from north Dallas, biked around the lake, then came back. I covered 23.71 miles in 1:46:06, which wasn’t too bad except that this bike is still shy of the 25 miles I have to do after a 1 mile swim and before a 6 mile run and I was absolutely exhausted at the end. Triathlons are dumb.

Mon June 27th: 1650 yd swim in 32:59. 300 warmup/300 kick/9x100s pull with 20 sec rest/150 cooldown. 20 min strength workout later in day.

Tue June 28th: Indoor BRICK workout at gym. 45min bike covering 11.55 miles, followed immediately by 1.5 miles on treadmill in 15:55.

Wed June 29th: 2100yd swim in 42:24. 300 warmup/200 kick/100 pull/ 10 x 50s on the 1:00/300-200-100 with 20 sec rest/200 kick/100 pull/100 easy IM. That last 100 should have been freestyle but I was bored.

Thu June 30th: 45min bike at gym for 11 miles. 10min strength session later in day.

Fri July 1st: My training plan called for a double BRICK session, but with short times/distances. The cute part was that when I looked at it, I actually thought “Oh, this will be sort of fun and easy, because I don’t have to go that far each time!”.  About halfway through the workout, I realized that I was sadly mistaken. 20 min bike (4.95 miles) followed by 2 mile run (21:59) followed by 20 min bike (5 miles) followed by 2 mile run (21:23). Why yes, I did negative split that, thankyouverymuch.

Sat July 2nd: I headed back to the long course meter pool for a straight 1500 meter swim to gauge if my swimming time is improving (and also, as a confidence booster for my 1500m open swim race I’m doing tomorrow). On June 9th, I did it in 31:18. Today I did it in 30:12. I wanted to come in under 30 min, but I’m going in the right direction.

Sun July 3rd: Got up early to squeeze in my long bike before heading to Austin for the July 4th holiday. I tried a new route leaving from my house, and heading to the running trail nearby that I usually drive to. It’s not long enough to use for my regular long bikes, but it worked just fine for being short on time before a road trip. I covered 14.89 miles in 1:13:47, and got in some major hill training. The route back to my house was rough. But it was pretty out.

We were in Austin Sunday through Tuesday. Our view from the room was just terrible.

We had a great little getaway. Sunday night we had dinner with some of my husband’s friends we haven’t seen since our wedding, and then Monday night headed out to the lake for dinner before watching the fireworks from our hotel.

I had saved my rest day from the previous week for one of the days, so I reluctantly decided to head out for a run on July 4th, figuring (correctly) it would be even harder to get up and run the morning after July 4th.

Mon July 4th: This turned into more of a meander along Lady Bird Lake than a true “run”. I ended up stopping my watch at 3.75 miles in 54:50. But I had fun, which rarely happens on a run, so I’m chalking that up to an Independence Day success.

Tue July 5th: (overdue) Rest day!

Wed July 6th: 1650yd swim in 30:43. 300 warmup /12 x 100s with 10 sec rest/150 cooldown.

It was also my birthday, and my kids orchestrated a surprise dinner visit. I hadn’t seen my younger 2 in 3 weeks (the oldest stayed with us for part of his Dad’s vacation due to his summer job). It’s a mixed bag of emotions, having kids grow up, but a great perk to adolescence is the burgeoning ability to advocate for themselves.

Thu July 7th: 30 min bike for 7.33 miles, followed by 2 mile run in 21:38. 15 min strength training later in day.

Fri July 8th: Long run. While I’m trying to do my long runs outside, the temptation to be able to zone out watching the Today show on the treadmill in the air conditioning was too much to resist. 4 miles in 43:53, which was 2 miles shorter than I was supposed to cover, but eh.

Today is a rest day to get ready for my Open Water Swim challenge tomorrow – my first ever open water swim! As long as only other humans touch me in the water, and not any aquatic life, I should be all set.


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