Austin TriRock Olympic Triathlon training: week 4


I’m on week 4 of 11 of my training plan for the Labor Day Olympic triathlon. I’m alternately longing for it to be over (this seems like an awful lot of biking. Have I mentioned I don’t like to bike?) and avoiding the August printout.

August. When I head back to work and the kids back to school. Also known as the first? second? craziest time of the year (it’s a toss up with May. Both months are always a sleep-deprived, exhausting, strung out, hold on by my fingertips, stretch of 31 days).

Perfect time to train for 10-12 hours a week.

But now, halfway through July, I’m just sort of … bored. The workouts are fairly consistent, my body is constantly sore, and I seem to be doing a lot without much improvement or progress. I’m sure it will all pay off when I cross the finish line (positive thinking), but right now, it seems like an awful lot of work on my summer “vacation”.

Sat July 9th: rest day in preparation for my 1500m open water swim race.

Sun July 10th: 1500m open water swim, 26:25. You can read about my race here.

Mon July 11th: Long bike. 24.12 miles in 1:47.46. My husband said to me as I wearily got up with my 6:15am alarm, “Can’t you take a day off? You won a race yesterday! That should qualify as a sleep-in.”

Sadly, no. My rest day was used on Saturday. So off to White Rock Lake I went. Fortunately, there was a decent cloud cover and it was almost, dare I say, enjoyable on a July morning in Dallas.

Tue July 12th: BRICK. 11.1 miles on bike in 45min, followed by 3 mile run in 32:42 (10:54 min/mile).  10 min strength training later in the day.

Wed July 13th: Back in the pool. 1 mile in 32:41. It would have been faster, but a lane-mate asked me if I swam Master’s, which led to me saying no, I do triathlons, which may have led to a discussion about the open water swim. That I won. Ahem.

300 warm-up, 250 kick, 8x50s on the 1:00 alternating swim/pull, 200 kick, 100 cool down.

Thu July 14th: Long run. 6.2 miles in 1:08.40 (11:05 min/mile).

Fri July 15th: Rest day.

This week, my kids are home (yay!). My husband, alas, is not (boo!). Double the guilt and half the fun.


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