Austin TriRock Olympic Triathlon training: week 5


It was a challenging week of training (although not as tough as next week will be), since my husband left Sunday morning for a week-long work conference, and my kids came home from their Dad’s summer visitation on Sunday night (yay!). While I was thrilled to finally have them home, it was an adjustment to go from 4 weeks of  no-kids freedom, to solo parenting 3 busy teens (and 2 mastiffs) overnight.

I had to make some adjustments on timing of my workouts, but I got it all in.

Sat July 16th: Long bike. 18.82 miles in 1:27.04. I tried a new route since I was bored of my usual White Rock Lake trail, and it worked pretty well, although I had to stop more than I liked for street intersections. Still working on getting that speed up – I feel like I’m in decent shape, but I still don’t bike particularly fast. I’m not trying to go hard, but I can easily hit 15-16 mph in gym stationary spin workouts, but I’m down at 12-13 outside.

Sun July 17th: BRICK workout. 10.10 miles on the bike in 40min, followed by 2.1 mile run in 22:07 (10:32 min/mile). I did this one later in the day at the gym, since I had to drop my husband off at the airport in the morning.

Mon July 18th: 1.25 mile swim in 40:48. 300 warmup, 10x150s (50 easy – 50 RP – 50 hard) with 30 sec rest, 200 kick, 100 cooldown. 10 minute strength later in the day.

Tue July 19th: 13.55 miles on bike in 55 min.

Wed July 20th: BRICK. 10.80 miles on bike in 45min, followed by 3 mile run in 32:38 (10:53 min/mile).

Thu July 21st: 1.25 mile swim in 40:38. 100 swim-100 kick – 100 pull warmup, (300 swim – 200 kick – 100 pull) x 2, 300 swim, 100 pull – 100 kick – 100 swim cooldown.  8 min strength later in day.

Thursday was also a big day in our house. We have a 3rd driver! (and holy hell, double the insurance cost. He doesn’t even have his own car!)

Friday July 22nd: Long BRICK. 10.84 miles on bike in 45 min followed by a 5 mile run in 56:27 (11:17 min/mile).  This was supposed to be my rest day, but I decided to switch it with Saturday’s workout so that I could relax and chill with the family on Saturday since my husband returned.

And look what arrived in the mail this week! My prize for winning my age group!

Next week we go on vacation (our first family vacation since March 2015), so it will be interesting to see how that impacts my training schedule. I’ve decided I’m going to work out as I can fit it in, but not stress out about under-training for 6 days.


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