205 miles


Yes, I’m still training for next week’s Olympic triathlon.

No, I haven’t done a training update in awhile. I’m going to condense the month of August training updates (did I really last update in July?) and say that I covered 205 miles in August running, biking and swimming. If you count the 2 days left in August after I post this, it should go up to 221 miles.

If I’m sick of dragging my butt out to do these 1-2 hour workouts day in and day out, you can imagine how I feel about spending the (very limited) time I have left in the day to write about it.

Despite heading back to work early this month, and the kids back at school last week, I’ve followed the training plan almost to the letter. I only dropped 1 workout entirely, a swim, because it’s just so dang hard to find the time to get to the pool. Since the swim is far and away my strongest element, I’m pretty sure missing one swim workout is not going to impact me.

I’ve shortened a few other run or bike sessions here and there, by a mile or two, but overall I’m really proud of how I’ve managed to stay the course with the insanity that is back to school.

Fear. It’s a powerful motivator.

If I’ve been a model triathlete-in-training with the actual workouts, my attitude could definitely use some improvement. Back to school is just a brutal time for teachers; it’s hard to adequately explain the bone-weariness that accompanies not just frantically preparing for the influx of students, but going from zero (summer vacation) to 200mph (there may be teachers that work less than 60-70 hours a week during August and September, but I’ve yet to meet them) literally overnight. Add in three kids heading back to school themselves and the litany of “mom, I need this bought TONIGHT” and “mom, I know you just worked all day but I need you to spend the next 60 minutes signing eleventy bajillion forms even though we’re in the 21st century and should be able to do this on a GOOGLE FORM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD” (okay, so maybe that second one was not a direct quote), and stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Teacher moms, you hear me.

So getting up at 5am to get in a 60min workout before school, or likewise driving up to the pool at 7pm after a 13 hours-and-still-going day has been … tough.

However, if memory serves, this point in a distance event training plan, meaning the point where I am most trained and just heading into taper, is always when I am exhausted, cranky, and wondering why the hell I thought this was not just a good idea, but something I paid to do to myself.

And then I taper, and start feeling a little better physically, and totally anxious mentally, and then the race is here and I am okay.

So I will be okay. Once I get through this last week. And survive next Monday.





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