Knock on wood

So, how about that 2+ month blogging hiatus?

I have not forgotten to blog. In fact, as the weeks passed by, I felt increasingly guilty about neglecting my little corner of the internet. This, in turn, led me to feel indignant and resentful; it’s my blog, and if I don’t want to write, I shouldn’t feel (self-imposed) pressure to do otherwise.

Did I not feel like writing? That’s a complicated question.

Even when I wanted to write, I’ve had very little time. My life, logistically speaking, tends to grow harried and frenzied in predictable patterns. In any given calendar-year, I am reliably underwater for roughly 4-5 weeks from mid-August to mid-September, then again for the holidays, then again for the month of May. There may be other very busy, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, or weeks, that are circumstance-specific, but you can place bets on those spans as always crazy.

This year, however, has the been the first year (that I can remember) that it just never eased up from that mid-August mania. I kept waiting for it to settle down, for there to be the weeks when we weren’t supposed to be in 2, 3 or 4 different places at once. Where I didn’t have to plan on takeout dinners at least 1-2 nights a week, because I wasn’t even home to cook. It turns out the ages when I am officially overwhelmed, over-scheduled, and over-committed as a mother of 3 kids are 12, 14 and 16.

Truth be told and in full disclosure, however, much of the time, I haven’t wanted to write. Like for so many, the (national and international) events of the past few months have left me very … weary.

I haven’t been blogging, but I have been running. And this, also, is where I hesitate to say too much. Knock on wood. Throw salt over my shoulder. Cross my fingers.

*whispers* I’ve been running really, really well.

This Sunday, I’m running half marathon #6, the BMW Dallas half marathon. I have diligently followed my training plan, even with the crazy-making, harried hamster wheel of my life.  I haven’t skipped a single run, and only rarely shaved the occasional mile or two off sessions (and never from the weekend long run, only with the mid-week runs,  when I might  only cover 5 or 6 miles instead of 7 or 8, because #motherhood and #teaching).

“They” say that long runs should average 30-60 seconds min/mile slower than desired race pace; for a runner of my speed and caliber, I think it’s recommended to pace more solidly on the 1 full minute slower end. So, when I began my half training in earnest all the way back on October 8th, I figured an 8 mile run at a 10:40 pace was just a fluke. A good day.

But then this happened.

  • Sat Oct 15th: 6 miles at 10:55 min/mile
  • Sat Oct 22nd: 9 miles at 10:49 min/mile
  • Sat Oct 29th: 8 miles at 11:04 min/mile
  • Sat Nov 5th: 10 miles at 11:08 min/mile
  • Sat Nov 12th: 11 miles at 11:18 min/mile
  • Sat Nov 19th: 12 miles at 10:59 min/mile
  • Sun Nov 27th: 10 miles at 11:00 min/mile
  • Sat Dec 3rd: 8 miles at 10:57 min/mile

I have been nailing my long runs. I wasn’t trying to overly exert or push myself, and I finished each run feeling okay (ie not ready to vomit and spend the rest of the day in bed. Although some of those days did involve a nap).  As of today (Tuesday), my legs feel slightly sore and fairly tired, but if memory serves, that’s about right for the beginning of taper week at the end of a half marathon training cycle. I have 5 miles tonight, and then just 2 and 3 mile easy runs left before the race.

think I am in really good shape to PR this Sunday.




2 responses to “Knock on wood

  1. Great to hear from you again! Good Luck this weekend.
    I’m thinking I’m going to start running again. Where that has come from I’m not sure. But tomorrow I’m going to do a little run/walk and work myself back into it. No more long distances for me though. I’ll stick with 5Ks 🙂
    Anyway, kudos to you! Look forward to reading about your Half!

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