Tri training and end of summer update

I have lived in Texas for 11 years (which still kind of blows my mind) but one thing I’m still not used to is thinking of the first (at most, second) week of August as the “end of summer”. Growing up in New England, we didn’t start school until after Labor Day, and even as a teacher in the late 90s and early 2000 years, I didn’t have to return for professional development until the end of August.

For me, “summer” is really July and August, even though here in Texas, it’s June and July (well, per the schools. If you go by the temperature, it’s roughly 65% of the year. Another aspect of Texas I am not fond of).

This is all to say that I’m about to head back to work, and the kids are in the thick of frantically starting finishing their summer work.

I’m still plugging away preparing for my September triathlon.  Training has been going well, in the sense that I’ve been very consistent with the 2x a week workouts in all disciplines, plus strength training, plus an additional weekly brick. I feel like I’m in solid shape, if not at my “fastest”. I’m not approaching this triathlon very competitively, given the timing (on the heels of the first 4-6 weeks back at work, which is always a beatdown). It seems every year, as I get older, I am a bit more tired with the teacher-mom August – September hamster wheel.

I am, however, looking forward to having a fun race, while (hopefully) feeling good. If you can believe it, I’ve only done one race in 2017 (a 15k back in February) so I’m ready to get my head, and body, back in the game. As I’ve alluded to in previous posts, 2017 has been a really, really difficult year, and my athletic hobby has been low on the priority list – I’m hoping I can turn that around heading into 2018.

Speaking of re-focusing on 2018, I’m almost ready to commit to my marathon. I’m starting to look at different first-time marathon training plans. For those of you who have covered the 26.2 distance, what’s your favorite newbie plan?


9 responses to “Tri training and end of summer update

  1. I swear by the plans on the Disney site. I followed the goofy plan pretty closely and I didn’t hurt after running 39.9 over 2 days. In addition…my fastest happiest mile was the last 1.2 of that weekend. Granted I wasn’t training to do anything other than finish happy and not in pain. I had zero ego about my pace, which was hard at first but then acceptance and reality kicked in. 🙂

  2. I’m a huge fan of tg WalkJogRun plans…it’s an app and a website. Their plans are free and focus on timed runs during the week – run for 40 minutes, run for 50 minutes, etc. a- and specific distance on the weekend. For me, this was much less intimidating…and I’m using it for the 6th year in a row

  3. I am using Hal Higdon’s novice 1 plan for my first marathon this fall. Realistically, I probably could have gone with novice 2, but I decided my only main goals are to get to the starting line healthy and to finish. Given how insane my late summer and early fall are, I opted to the plan I had a higher chance of sticking to.

    I have used the Galloway plans on the rundisney site for the princess half every year. I don’t do the walk breaks, but use them at my mileage guide. But especially after speaking with some experienced marathoners I think his marathon training plan is a little to aggressive – too many 20+ mile runs for a first timer.

    • Yay on your first marathon!! I have used Higdon’s novice 1 and 2 for some of my half marathons, so he’s on my list to check out for the marathon. And YES on Galloway – I looked at his marathon plans (since I do plan on interval running it) and saw multiple 20+ mile runs. Um, nope. Just no.

  4. Glad to hear you are back at it. Great stress reliever, the running!! Yeah for the first marathon too. I used the Nike+ plans (and still do) that they used to have. They don’t have them online anymore but Message me on FB and I can email you my plans. For me my first marathon was all about being able to cover the distance. I didn’t go past 18 miles in training either. Good luck 🙂

  5. After running several marathons and trying every training method under the sun (or so it feels), I have very happily settled into the Run-Walk-Run method from Jeff Galloway. I am actually faster by 30 seconds/mile with it and have not been in pain or injured after a run since starting it. I just set my watch to intervals – I do 4:1 for training and 5:1 for races.

    This book is an amazing resource and walks you through every step –

    Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll rock it.

    • I’m definitely doing the Run-Walk-Run method as far as actually running the marathon – I have found my half marathon times are faster using it! I’ve used 4:1 for half marathon long run training, but lately I’ve been doing 2:30:30 sec for long runs, and I’m thinking I might use that for my long runs for the marathon. When I looked at his actual training plan, though (not the method of intervals, but his plans) – it looks like he had some *really* high mileage for long runs (longer than all the other plans)? That’s definitely not for me – I want to tap out at 20 miles for the long run. But I do love his intervals for long runs!

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