So I guess I’m going to do this marathon thing.

Here it is, January 16th, and I’m doing my first blog post of the new year.

That is very unlike me.

Usually, I blog an end of year review the last week of December, and then write another blog post shortly thereafter, outlining my New Year’s resolutions or goals or challenges. I’ve been doing this since long before I actually had a corner of the internet to do so publicly.

This year, I’ve just felt … uninspired … to do the whole “New Year, New You” thing.

Not that I don’t have a ton going on in 2018, or some fairly massive personal undertakings (hello 26.2) but laying out a personal game plan with numbered or bulleted goals seems a little too daunting given all the upheaval coming our way.

There’s just so much unknown in 2018, and that’s not my optimal performance situation.

Which is why it actually makes total sense that I’m finally willing to confront my marathon intimidation.

I have a four month, day by day, running plan. I printed out January-April calendar templates, and carefully filled in my mileage for each day.

It made me so happy. Not staring down 18 and 20 mile runs, of course, but having some modicum of predictability and control in this swirling sea of uncertainty that is 2018.

I mean, I don’t even know what state my son will be living in this fall. Or when I will be moving him there. Or a few other life variables that might change this summer and/or fall but I’m not blogging about.

But I can look at, say, April 7th and know what my workout needs to be that day (that’s my 20 miler, by the way).

I’m hoping to regularly blog about my marathon training, but I’m also working on a footloose and fancy free breezy attitude to survive 2018, so not sure if writing discipline will be my strong suit.


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